Cathal Liam O'Toole
Portrayed by Asa Butterfield
Name: Cathal Liam O'Toole
Aliases: Strings
Birthday: August 4, 1926
Position: Student
Lineage: Half-Blood


Cathal is a young boy with a serious expression. He has pale skin, bue eyes, stands about 4'6" tall, and is approximately 65 pounds. His hair is shaggy dark brown.

Shaggy dark brown, almost black hair hangs about Cathal's smooth face, falling forward across his forehead and sweeping slightly towards the left just before it falls into his eyes. Long dark lashes frame bright vibrant intense blue eyes beneath thin brows, just a hint of pale discolouration visible beneath them. His pale lips seem set into a slight frown.

Dark emerald green colours the linen cloak draped about Cathal's slender shoulders and hanging down to his feet. Cream colours the loose fitting tunic beneath with small pale wooden buttons as fasteners. Full length sleeves flow down the boy's arms to end at his wrists. The hem goes over the top of a pair of sturdy linen trousers.


Ciaran O'Toole was a wizard. Not a fantastic one but he was a wizard none the less. He graduated from Ravenclaw, and began touring the world. It was while he was in England that he met Catherine Elizabeth Ward. It was not however love at first sight. Ciaran was a logical and ordered individual, and by Wizarding Standards quite thoroughly tame. As for Catherine, she was a free spirit that loved to play piano and paint and do all sorts of creative things. They met via Ciaran's friend Anthony, who was a Muggleborn Wizard that had been in Ravenclaw alongside Ciaran.

They actually fell in love three years after they initially met. Catherine was studying in Paris France, and Ciaran was there studying from a French Wizard. They met along the Champs Elysee and found that they had a bit more in common than initially thought. Ciaran was at the time quite a large fan of painters such as Monet, having fell in love while in Paris itself. The two began growing closer together, finding they balanced each other quite nicely. They were married soon after. Catherine's parents did not approve of Ciaran at all. In fact, they quite thoroughly disliked the young man that appeared on their doorstep wearing the most hideous of clothing.

Ciaran and Catherine settled down on Inis Maan in the Aran Island chain off the coast of Ireland. It was only a year after their wedding that Catherine gave birth to Caitlin Maire ni Toole, or Caitlin O'Toole depending on where she was. Caitlin was generally a good girl, sometimes wild, sometimes serious. She was decidedly ambitious in her life. She was eight when Cathal was born, named after Ciaran's father, and decided instantly that Cathal was most annoying.

Never one to really cry, Cathal was a quiet child, with an eerie air about him that just grew more intense as he got older. While he would go out and do things like climb and sit staring out towards the ocean reading from his books. He grew up loving riddles and the history of various cultures and civilizations.

He also learned to play violin and fiddle from his paternal grandfather, who also taught him how to craft violins as well. He learned to play both jigs and classical music. He was a fairly good at the very basic aspects of violin crafting. The crafting was sort of soothing for him, and the music was probably the best way he could express himself.

It came as no great shock when it came time for Cathal's enrollment in Hogwarts. Afterall, Caitlin herself had gone there eight years prior and had been sorted to Slytherin.

Cathal was sorted into Ravenclaw House upon his arrival at Hogwarts. During the train ride, he'd become friends with a girl named Josie, and two boys named Gabriel and Cillian. Josie and Cillian were sorted into Gryffindor, something that did not surprise Cathal as they fit quite thorough with the way his family had described the members of Gryffindor House. Gabriel, however, did surprised him by being sorted into Ravenclaw as well.

When he wrote home to his mother, it turned out that Gabriel was actually his cousin, something that was quite surprising to them and Cathal himself. Gabriel and Cathal became closer during their first year. Cathal and the other three formed the group that became known as the Pirates. It came as a shock to the other Pirates when they saw him playing music not because of the music but because it was four months into term and it was the first time they saw him smile, and it not look forced.

The rest of the first year was most uneventful. The pirates grew closer and they had a few minor adventures. The summer found him working in his grandfather's violin shop learning more about crafting and playing the violin.

Second year saw more members of the Pirates being added, although the main group remained the same. They worked in the background trying to help the growing tyranny of the Headmaster from completely destroying the younger years. Sweets were handed off and the act of giving rather than taking as a pattern that was quite established by the end of term.

Third year, resulted in a very baffled Cathal. He was unable to figure out the logic of the rules of the school. This caused him a fair amount of anxiety that he internalized since he had no tools to actually handle what he was feeling. Even his sister wasn't really able to help him figure out how he should be behaving. Much of the time he was helping his cousin and other Muggleborns with finding out how to do things, even if the Headmaster forbade it.

The invasion by the ministry saw him mostly hiding away. He was not going to be involved and hamper their movements. Logically speaking it made the most sense to allow them time to do their job and to put an end to the violations. When this was done, he was more than happy to resume normal operating procedures.

His fourth year was largely uneventful although on the train ride home he did urge a Slytherin boy to use logic instead of reacting quite so emotional. The rest of the ride home was uneventful and he's now spending time back home with his parents and grandfather.


11 3/4 inches long, nice and supple vine wood. The core is dragon heartstring.

Report Card

Year Year Year Year Year Year Year
Classes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Astronomy A A A A
Charms O O O O
Defense Against the Dark Arts E E E E
Herbology A A A A
History of Magic E E A A
Potions O O E E
Transfiguration O O O O
Arithmancy E E
Ancient Runes E E
Broomflying A

RP Hooks

  • Cathal's a member of the pirates
  • He has an older sister that graduates Hogwarts the year before he began
  • He has an eerie presence to him
  • Bright and incredibly logical
  • Does not show much if any emotion, unless he's playing violin
  • Plays violin.


Logs featuring Cathal Logs that refer to Cathal


  • Highly Logical
  • Eerie Presence
  • Eidetic Memory
  • Fast Learner



Cillian's Cathal's only friend. Cillian dubbed Cathal as Strings because of Cathal's love of playing the violin.


As it turns out the rather talkative boy is Cathal's cousin. They don't really know each other well yet.


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