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Character Information
Portrayed by Joe Dempsie
Name: Cedric Wilfrid Avery
Aliases: -
Birthday: March 17th, 1921
Position: Manager at Avery Shipping
Lineage: Pure-blood


A young man with a striking, care-free appearance, Cedric's height at 6'2" certainly imposes some attention, as does his well-built physique and decidedly aristocratic features; a long, straight nose, a strong but rounded jaw and high cheekbones, in addition to a golden blond hair cut short at whatever is fashionable for the time. His eyes are a dark, stormy blue, reflecting an occasional fire when he is angered. He moves quickly but speaks and acts casually.

Cedric has a fondness for the ultimate fashions for wizarding society and often wears a dark-colored suit of some form in addition to robes.


Cedric Wilfrid Avery was born to a pure-blood couple in March of 1921. His mother, Janine, belongs to the line of the Lestrange and wed his father, Benedict, in an arranged marriage. Their mindsets proved to be alike, however, and the union was fruitful with the birth of his elder brother, Cedric himself, and a younger sibling, a girl, all of them two years apart from the other.

He grew up in a mildly luxurious lifestyle, enjoying all sorts of wizardly comforts and amenities given his father's important duties with the Ministry of Magic. However, his father was killed by a particularly tenacious dark wizard when he was ten, at the verge of joining Hogwarts. His elder brother was already in his second year by then, and the news and the gruesome rumors surrounding their father's demise instilled the worst kind of feelings a young, impressionable heart could absorb: injustice, revenge and grief.


Fourteen and one-quarter inches, blackthorn, rigid, with a phoenix feather core.


At eleven, he was taken to Hogwarts to continue his education. He received his phoenix-feather core wand and was told of its properties; that it chose him was a peculiar happenstance for Ollivander, who thought the boy best suited for unicorn hair. It was his grief, perhaps, or his desire to champion his father's cause against the outlaw that prompted the Hat to sort him into Gryffindor. His elder brother was a Slytherin, which put the two siblings at odds. It was soon apparent that he had more than a healthy talent for Conjuration, while completely hopeless at the electives he chose, year after year. When his brother graduated, as of a year ago, he had sworn to track down the man responsible for murdering their father and find he did; only to suffer the same fate. Cedric was devastated by the news as, while his elder sibling was his rival, he was also his closest friend. It was a surprise to all and sundry that he managed to achieve good grades and passed his OWLs and he opted to stay a seventh Year at Hogwarts to take four N.E.W.T.S. he deems necessary in the event he wishes a position in the Ministry of Magic. Some say, however, that it is only a matter of time until he, too, decides to chase after the slayer of his kin.

After graduation the head of the Avery family, Trafford Avery took notice of the trouble Cedric was having. Realizing his kin was on a path that could lead to trouble for Cedric and harm to the Avery reputation Trafford decided to give the young man's life some purpose and guidance and he stepped in to arrange for Cedric to be a Manager of the London Branch of Avery Shipping. The Isle of Dog has proven to be a rather rough and tumble place. Which is perfectly to Cedric's liking, which endears him to the employees. There is a large group of Squibs that work for the company who like to get together after work and use one of the warehouses for boxing matches between them. They were shocked but pleased when Cedric discovered these secret meetings and instead of ending them and firing the lot, joined in on the action. Since Cedric joined it has grown more popular and many of the wizard and even a witch or two who work for him have started to attend the Boxing Matches. It's not revenge, but it helps Cedric vent his pain while biding his time waiting for more information on the case. It helps and he has little by little become less consumed in revenge and more focused on the friendships and comrades he's discovering at Avery Shipping. Cedric won't admit it to himself or anyone, but Trafford's machinations worked.

RP Hooks

  • Active: Cedric is particularly interested in physical activity, though he rather excels at boxing. He is not bad as far as broomfliers go, but he is not the best, by far.
  • Pure-blood: Are you one as well?
  • Rake: That's what he is, and he doesn't deny it.


  • User: Cedric, unfortunately, has this horrible propensity to make relationships crash and burn whenever he grows tired of them. Perhaps one day will he have his comeuppance.
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do: As an Avery, he has a fine influx of income while completing his studies.
  • Bold: Sometimes he can be quite brazen in telling someone what he wants. Some find it a charming trait, others are infuriated. He also has some positive qualities as a result of this, such as having initiative or thinking outside the box.
  • Fierce: There's no such a thing as treating matters delicately. He is rather direct and objective with what he wants and at times this is proven in spades by an unhealthy amount of courage.


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Morgana and Cedric had a bit of a fling their last year of Hogwarts - a little snogging between Potions partners is allowed, isn't it? - and parted amicably.


Benedict Avery
Cedric's father had a nice, important position in the Ministry of Magic. However, he was murdered by a Dark Wizard in 1931, something which changed Cedric's life and ended his older brother's.


Janine Avery (nee Lestrange)
Janine is Cedric's mother, and is struggling to keep her remaining family together - her two children - in the face of the tragedies of the past decade. She is maintaining the family finances with an allowance from the Ministry, and careful investments, hoping to maintain the lifestyle they've been accustomed to until both of her children are working.


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