This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

The Bone Hunter
Portrayed by Willow Shields
Name: Çelës Eirian Dashur
Aliases: -
Birthday: Dec 22, 1925
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Half-blood


Celes is a somatotonic young girl. Golden brown eyes, with matching light golden hair, and skin makes her appear somewhat monochrome. Only the white of her eyes, and a spray of brown freckles cross from cheekbone to cheekbone across the bridge of her nose helps keep her from looking like a portrait etched into a Galleon. A somewhat over large mouth and teeth in need of braces keeps her from being much more than 'handsome'. Somewhat short for her age, Celes stands about an inch shy of 5 feet, and weighs around eighty five pounds.

Celes tends to pick darker clothing to offset her naturally light coloring, unfortunately, black isn't really her color. Only the occasional red of the trim, tie, and badge keeps her lower half from blending into the background and leaving her looking like a floating golden head. Her only adornment that diverges from the tradition school uniform is a simple silver key pendant on an iron chain and a silver pendant in the shape of a triangle surrounding a circle, both bisected by a vertical line.


On the outskirts of Swansea stands an older but moderately large house. Owned by the Stephens family. The only daughter of the family, Samantha, inherited the large house when her parents died. The young woman, lacking a profession or a husband to provide for her, instead began renting out the spare rooms in the large house to the single men that moved to the city for the growing manufacturing industry. One of these men, a blond haired, gold eyes Albanian immigrant calling himself Torre Dashur, struck up a relationship with her. The whirlwind romance saw the two married and soon after (too soon after) the birth of a little girl. Named Çelës, after the Albanian word for 'key', and Eirian for her grandmother. The young girl was only in the world for two months before Torre suddenly vanished, leaving Samantha a child, a silver key birth day present for his daughter, and a broken heart.

Celes grew up comfortably enough, if lacking in privacy. The borders tended to spend most of their time either in the factories or at the bars, but there was always at least one around the house, so she spent her time out of the house as well. One of her favorite past times was going to the Landore Cinema. Her favorite was an older movie 'The Lost World' eventually changing to 'King Kong' when that movie came out. Dinosaurs fascinated her for as long as she could remember. Not much of a student normally, she soaked up everything she could about the ancient past. When she saw the movie 'Darkest Africa' she decided what she was going to do. She was going to travel into all the unexplored areas around the world, finding Lost Cities, Treasures, and Dinosaurs.


Rigid Hornbeam, 10.5 inches long, with an Unicorn Tail Hair core.


Celes's pet is a hawk owl named Eon.

She believed there still were dinosaurs, lost cities, and magical treasures. This was in part due to the strange stories her mother use to tell of her fathers 'magic tricks'. Though he presented himself as a simple factory worker, he could apparently make objects fly, or appear out of nowhere. She might have dismissed the stories, as she grew, if unexplainable things didn't keep happening to her as well. When exploring an old sea side cave, she accidentally dropped her torch and the bulb broke. Stranded in darkness and irrationally terrified that legions of scorpions were scuttling down the walls to her, a ball of blue fire suddenly flared up on her hands. A willow of the wisp she thought, but the flickering blue light was enough to help her pick her way back out. If willows of the wisps exists, why not a triceratops?

RP Hooks

  • Enthusiastic about Dinosaurs
  • Interested in prehistoric Magic/Magical Creatures
  • Has more trouble dealing with going to a new school than she does with the existence of magic.


Logs featuring Celes Logs that refer to Celes


  • Ambidextrous
  • Afraid of Scorpions
  • Audacious
  • Wealth: Comfortable




I feel bad for Angelus. The boy has to put up with a lot and most of it is really unfair. Sure he does sometimes say things that are hurtful, but I don't believe he does it out of malice. I'm doing my best to help him, but poke even the sweetest dog long enough and it's going to eventually snap.


Samantha Dashur
A great role model. I know it wasn't easy on her when my dad left, but she's held things together amazingly well.

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