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Character Information
Portrayed by Raven Symone
Name: Celestina Warbeck
Aliases: "The Singing Sorceress"
Birthday: 18 August, 1917
Position: Singer
Lineage: Half-Blood


Celestina’s five-foot six full hourglass frame is topped with a sleek shoulder-length raven black hair that has voluminous curls pinned to frame her face in victory rolls. Her complexion is a rich umber hue, allowing the lights of the stage which shine on her to show the complementing eyes of a warm chocolate brown, rimmed with black eyeliner to give a more glamorous edge framing the windows to her soul. Her mouth is generous with a full set of lips tilted in a warm and inviting natural smile with a dimple marking the appled cheeks and gently round chin. Her neck is strong, dipping where it adjoins a strong carved shoulders and arms that are graceful. Her hands move as she speaks to provide further emphasis to what she says. With a full bosom and derriere, Celestina’s hourglass figure fills a dress or gown with curves.

Celestina wears an ivory gown that is tight fitting on the upper body, hugging her womanly curves in an enticing way. Sequins sparkle delightfully across the entire piece to capture the eye’s attention, and the lower half spills away with a few layers of gauzy silk-like fabric creating a mist-like effect although the dress does split up to mid-thigh level to give a sexy allure while also allowing her far more freedom of movement for her theatrics. A feathery boa colored a deep blue with white and light blue feathers mixed in graces her strong shoulders and waft in any breeze as she moves. A seat of large pearl earrings that shine with a pale light adorn her ears. She wears a pair of shiny ivory heels.


Celestina Warbeck was born on 18 August, 1917 in Wales to a wizard father, Malcolm Warbeck, and a Muggle mother, Claire Brown. Her father, a minor functionary in the Muggle Liaison Office, met her mother, a failed actress, when the latter was attacked by a Lethifold disguised as a stage curtain.

Celestina's musical talent was apparent even at an early age, and her mother saw the opportunity to fulfill her own shortcomings through her daughter. Celestina was given allowance to attend Hogwarts, but her mother was frequently in communication with the professors to suggest new ways they could utilize her daughter's many talents, and woe be to the professor who denied Celestina. When the female lead in the Christmas Pantomime was given to another girl, the owls were flying fast and furiously to declare Claire's outrage. Despite the extracurricular activities, Celestina showed quite a natural talent for charms and glamers, which she would later employ to bolster her singing and stage presence in performance. After her fifth year, Celestina transferred schools from Hogwarts to the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts (W.A.D.A.) where she completed three more years of study, focusing heavily on vocal lessons, to graduate in 1936.

Upon graduation, Celestina launched her singing career, grabbing up whatever opportunity presented itself. At first it was in rather dingy clubs, paying her dues, learning more about the business that runs things under the glamour. Her break came in 1938, when she was spotted in a club by Edward Selwyn; having little artistic talent himself, he nevertheless proved adept at managing, advancing the careers of family members. He vowed to do the same for Celestina, being smitten with the young chanteuse, and within six months had her in better quality clubs and in the recording studio. The very first song they released, 'Magical Moments', performed moderately well in the Wizarding Wireless charts, but it was still a disappointment. It wasn't until later in the year that Edward convinced the recording company to take another chance, and from that 'Ghost of a Chance' was released. It topped the charts in September, October and November of 1939, and her name started appearing on the marquee of some of the most posh nightclubs in Britain. Edward, a master of promotion, dubbed her The Singing Sorceress, a title her growing legion fans just adored. Over time there were three more hit songs among five released, and her name is becoming more of a draw as her star begins to rise.

RP Hooks

  • Topped the wizarding wireless charts in September, October, and November of 1939 with her hit single, "Ghost of a Chance".
  • Hogwarts Hallowe'en 1939 & 1940 Concert: Singing for the future witches and wizards who will make a difference in the world.
  • She's a sucker for a good cause.
  • Huge fan of the Puddlemere United quidditch team.


  • Rising Star
  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Songwriter
  • Theatrical
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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This wizard does absolute magic, which is sort of what is expected of a wizard but this particular one deals in making pictures look good. If she needs photos for an upcoming gig, she'll send an owl to the photojournalist and leaves two tickets to the show in his camera case when he's not looking.


A popular Wizarding Wireless Radio Host, Phineas is one who gets her songs and voice on the airwaves into the minds and hearts of her fans and soon to be fans. He's an important cog in the wheel of fame, she makes it a point to be available for interviews for him.


She's called the Golden Canary, and Celestina isn't above recognizing that she has some talent. But there's only one Singing Sorceress! There's a good competition between the two singers, and for the right cause Celestina has said she wouldn't mind doing a duet gig.


He's the King Crooner, and has a svelte voice which can make knees weak. She has dropped a few hints to people that she's interested in a business relationship with this man who just also happens to own the Natrix. He seems to know all sorts of people and she knows that her voice brings the galleons in the vault.


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