Take a Chance
Portrayed by Bradley James
Name: Chance Weston Morgan
Aliases: -
Birthday: Jul 19, 1912
Position: M.A.C.
Lineage: Half-Blood


Standing a few inches over six feet, Chance is a tall but well built man. His face has a strong jaw and high cheek bones, and his eyes are clear and blue. His blond hair is short but messy and usually falls into his eyes while despite his best efforts. He often has a bit of stubble on his cheeks. Today Chance is wearing a crisp white button down shirt with a red tie and dark slacks. His dress robes look to be well tailored, but a little rumpled as if they were not hung properly as they should be. His shoes however have a perfect polish on them.


Chance was the only boy in a sea of girls. Having five sisters proved to be challenging growing up, especially when several of them were a few years older than he was. By the time he started Hogwarts, his eldest sister was already married and having children. That did not stop him from being a bit protective of his two younger sisters. Even after they had all started Hogwarts and were sorted into separate houses.

The thing he most enjoyed about going to school was having other boys his age to socialize with. He did well in Charms and Muggle studies, so when it came time to figure out what he was going to do after school, he was directed toward the M.A.C. His affinity for memory charms lead him to become an Obliviator. There was one girl who caught his eye, and her name was Annika, and while it took him a year to get the nerve to ask her out, he finally did and she accepted. In his seventh year he asked her to marry him, and she agreed.

After they graduated, things changed for both Annika and Chance, they still planned to marry at the end of summer. However when the wedding day came, Chance was alone at the altar, with out any questions being answered. It wasn't until later that he found out that she married someone else. It was then that he decided to leave the UK for anywhere else, and he chose Romania. For several years, he studied under their Ministry mostly working with English speaking tourists who saw things they should not have seen. Recent events with his sisters however have brought him back home, and while it took a few weeks, he was able to get his position back at the Ministry as an Obliviator.

RP Hooks

  • Ministry - Did someone see something they were not supposed to see? I can fix it!
  • Oversized family - Did you attend Hogwarts from 1910 forward? Than you probably know one or more of Chance's sisters!


These are scenes that include Chance as a participating character.


Wealth: Well-To-Do Chance spent his years in Romania living a very simple life, enabling him to save up his coin to have a more luxurious life back in London.
Honeyed Tongue Selling ice to a snow man? No problem. Chance is known for being able to talk his way out of many situations.
Overprotective Being the only brother in a sea of females has given him this Knight in Shinning Armour complex. Rue the day any boy causes his sisters to become upset.
Loyal Chance is extremely loyal to his friends and family.
Extremely Large Family The extended Morgan family is out of control, there has at least been more than one Morgan offspring at Hogwarts since 1910





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