Characters: Hogwarts Students

Hogwarts Students

Prefects, Head Boy, & Head Girl

Asmund Carolus Ethel Josie Lucretia Mateo Medea Oscar Phoenicia Riddle Susan


Seventh Year Gryffindors

Sixth Year Gryffindors

Amber Anson Phoenicia Rhona

Fifth Year Gryffindors

Celes Cillian Felix Josie Maeve Xylina

Fourth Year Gryffindors

Archie Billy Chastity Finley Madeline Megan

Third Year Gryffindors

Aasha Lizette

Second Year Gryffindors

Brand Lyall Olive Rubeus

First Year Gryffindors


Seventh Year Hufflepuffs

Asmund Ethel Oscar

Sixth Year Hufflepuffs

Bethney Mateo

Fifth Year Hufflepuffs

Charlie_Fletcher Erica Max Nia

Fourth Year Hufflepuffs

Ahnaliese Aislin Ellery

Third Year Hufflepuffs

Alicia Eoin

Second Year Hufflepuffs


First Year Hufflepuffs


Seventh Year Ravenclaws

Ameinocles Cara Hattie Laurean

Sixth Year Ravenclaws

Carol Carolus Medea Morrow Susan Tavish

Fifth Year Ravenclaws

Akilina Cathal Elise Gabriel Jolie Violet

Fourth Year Ravenclaws

Fiona Gwendolyn Tai Virgil

Third Year Ravenclaws

Beauford Jaclyn Michael

Second Year Ravenclaws

Andara Eutheria Myrtle

First Year Ravenclaws



Seventh Year Slytherins

Abraxas Eugene George Lucinda Oberon Samira

Sixth Year Slytherins

Alexander Bowen John Lucretia Mackenzie Walburga

Fifth Year Slytherins

Augustina Lorcan Riddle

Fourth Year Slytherins

Adrian Antonin Cory Emily Vincent

Third Year Slytherins


Second Year Slytherins

Beauregard Claudia Druella Hellebore Orion

First Year Slytherins

Aiden Daedalus Eileen Moira
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