Unapproved Characters

The following characters are not yet approved for play. Some are presently used as NPCs, some are on the roster, and some are simply new characters awaiting submission and/or approval.

Butler Edmund Helene Isabelle Priya Roisin Thyri Titus Zenia

Unapproved Roster Characters

Achaeron Adolphus Alistair Arkie Barnaby Basil Bathilda Benjy Bill Blodwyn Bob Bogrod Brock Callidora Cassiopeia Cedrella Coakley Dauphne Derwent Elphias Euphemia Fifi Fleamont Glynnis Greg Hamish Harfang Harrel Harvey Helbert Hesper Idris Irma Isla Joscelind Karl Kevin Lycoris Magenta Marian Matilda Merle Muriel Paul Pedwara Persephone Phineas Pollux Randolph Robert Rocky Roderick Roland Romilda Septimus Slater Tangwystle Tilly Trinity Wilhelmina Winky

Unfinished NPCs

Antonius Aphrodilia Artimius Boscom Cadfael Calum Cantankerus Conleth Daveth Desmond Dylar Epiphany Fabrio Gugga Haffnan Harley Herman Hormazd Jayne Josiah Mallaidh Mitty Orromo Osborn Owen Parkinson Podric Radley Robald Ryan Thaddeus Tiberius Trafford Vulcanio Walden Warren Wyvern
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