Character Generation - Part 4

Step 4: Magic & Training

On your +sheet2 you will find space to record your characters level of education, NEWT classes taken, and any special training they've received. This information is important, as it determines what spells a character has access to. Do not cast any spell that your character does not qualify for training or skill rank. In addition, there is room for special spells, which are purchased with Cookies (and will be input by staff when approved).


"Extras" are official school clubs and classes beyond the normal student's load. (Unofficial clubs are generally more casual than official ones, and are not considered extras. Quidditch is not considered an extra, either.)

The normal load is:

  • First-Fifth Year: Core classes and 2 electives
  • Sixth-Seventh Year: Up to 3 N.E.W.T.-level classes
  • 0 official clubs

Anything beyond these numbers is an extra. Extras can be taxing, and the school may place limits based on academic achievement. A student may take a number of extras equal to their Mind rank, with the following restrictions:

  1. Only one additional elective may be taken (for a total of 3), and this counts as two extras.
  2. Taking a fifth N.E.W.T. class requires special approval.

Training Information

Refer to Hogwarts Curriculum, Hogwarts Clubs, and Societies for information on available classes, clubs, and societies.

+school <Current year, or highest year completed> <House, and "Graduate" if appropriate>, <Electives (2 Minimum, 4 w/ Staff approval.)>
+newts <Core/Elective>, <Core/Elective>
+clubs <Clubs you are currently in>
+training <Job Training> - Ex: Auror | Master Healer | Unspeakable
+societies <Society Name>, <Society Name>

Here are a pair of examples.

Example 1: Sixth Year Student
+school Sixth Year Gryffindor, Arithmancy, Divination
+newts Charms, Arithmancy, History of Magic
+clubs Duelling Club, Arts Club

Example 2: Auror Activist
+school Seventh Year Hufflepuff Graduate, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination
+newts Charms, Transfiguration, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions
+training Auror
+societies Society for the Support of Squibs, Society for Distressed Witches, Society for the Tolerance of Vampires


A wizard's wand is a reflection of that wizard's temperament, personality, and magical potential. Every wand has four considerations: length, wood, flexibility, and core. Refer to Wandlore for information on what these mean, and the options for each.

+wand/length <Length> inches
+wand/wood <Wood>
+wand/flex <flex>
+wand/core <core>

+wand/length Ten and one-quarter inches
+wand/wood acacia
+wand/flex slightly pliant
+wand/core unicorn hair

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