Character Generation - Part 6

Step 6: Wiki Page

The wiki is an essential part of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Having a fully realized character page not only creates an easy single destination for someone (including staff) to learn about your character, but it can also generate role-play for you. Seeing that someone has kept their Relationships updated and logs posted shows that person is an active player, and gives people a sense of what they would be in for with you, helping you find compatible RP partners.

The wiki page is a required part of character creation. This means that your application will not be approved before your character page is completed. Yes, there may be changes necessary if the initial application isn't accepted, but these are the same changes that will be made in game.

Wiki Images

Images uploaded to your character pages should meet the following criteria:

  • No more than 200kB in size. Under 100kB is preferable.
  • Files should be in .jpg or .gif format only. Please do not upload .png files. They're pretty, but they're also huge.
  • No more than eight images of your character. You can have images of wands, pets, relevant family NPCs, and so forth (within reason…don't overdo it). But eight should be more than enough images to give people a sense of what your character looks like.

Don't have a good program to optimize your image file sizes? Not a problem. Check out Image Optimizer. It not only optimizes well, but gives you a preview of many different levels of compression so you can see the quality difference. You can even convert those big ol' .png files into .jpg format.

Getting started is extremely simple. If you don't already have a Wikidot account, you'll need to make one. If you aren't already a member of this wiki, click on the "Join the Wiki" button at the top of the main page, and input the password given to you in the Background room in game. From there, start making your new character page (please carefully read the instructions on that page). The easiest way to start is to use the +wiki command in game, and copy/pasting the output into your newly created wiki page, writing over the content that is already there.

To have a complete wiki page, you must include:

  • A character portrait (image uploaded to the page, not linked off-site; also, see Actor Policy)
  • Description
  • Background (in fact, this is a great place for an expanded background, including more details than the summary BG in game)
  • Quirks (this is a good opportunity to expand on your Quirks with a bit of description, but it isn't required)
  • At least two RP Hooks, with at least a sentence describing how the hook can generate RP with your character.
  • At least two Relationships (be they PCs or NPCs), including at least a sentence describing the relationship.

You must also have the necessary tags, which can be generated in game with the +wiki/tags command. Note that other tags may be necessary for your character to appear on the proper lists; see Tags for Characters for details.

Please do not significantly alter the basic format of the character page. You can add new sections, spruce it up with images (kept under 200kb please, no more than eight character portraits, no animated GIFs), sidebars, etc. But the sections that already exist should remain where they are, fully visible, with the titles given to them. In short, don't make people hunt for your information.

If you need any further assistance, please ask the community on the Questions channel, or contact the Wiki Guru (BB15 is an excellent way to do this).

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