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Character Information
Portrayed by Kaya Scodelario
Name: Charis Crouch nee Black
Aliases: (pronounced: KAH-riss)
Riss, Rissy
Birthday: August 11th, 1920
Position: Seamstress at Twilfit and Tattings
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Petite and dainty, Charis Crouch nee Black stands around a smidgen over five feet tall. Her long and curly black hair cascades down across her shoulders and hangs to halfway down her back. Her complexion is almost an ivory color and contrasts with her dark hair in such a way as to make her startling blue eyes sparkle. Her delicate nose has a slight upturn and her pink lips seem to be ever held in a playful smile that often gives way to a full melodic laugh which reveals her straight pearly white teeth.

Her small frame is clad in a light green dress that hangs low on her shoulders, and fits her body quite well, flaring whimsically just below her knees. Smooth legs continue downward to a pair of matching green shoes. About her neck and resting comfortably on her chest is a fine silver locket, and upon her left hand is a beautiful diamond ring and wedding band.



Charis Malledora Crouch was born the daughter of Arcturus "Nigellus" Black the II and Lysandra Black nee Yaxley on September 12th, 1920. It was no surprise, really, given that Nigellus and Lysandra had already had two girls previous, nor was it a great shock that Nigellus was quite disappointed. It was quite well known that he was hoping for a son to name as heir and carry on his line of the Black family. Nevertheless, Nigellus showed Charis love in his own way, and raised her with the purist minded values one would expect a child of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black to have ingrained in her heart and soul.

Charis grew up in 12 Grimmauld Place, with the rest of the Black family. She wanted for nothing, except to prove herself worthy of her fathers affections. The middle daughter, Cedrella, was always his favorite, the pampered princess that always had his eye, and as such that created a bit of competition between the three daughters. Though Callidora, as the eldest sister, had already learned how their father was and accepted his misplaced affections for what they were worth, a young Charis constantly sought to out do Cedrella and as such step further into their fathers spotlight. It was a sad day when their mother died attempting to give birth to the son Nigellus desperately wanted, and thus turning their father colder than ever. This event seemed to further estrange the three sisters, causing them each to go their own way without any solid direction.

As Charis made her way through Hogwarts in House Slytherin with Care of Magical Creatures and Divinations as her electives, it was also in her third year that she got the news that she would be pledged to the Pure-Blooded Caspar Crouch. A year her senior, she did not know the boy well, even less given that he was a Gryffindor and she a Slytherin, but it was not entirely an unwelcome development. He was quite talented at Quidditch, after all, and not bad on the eyes either. As such, Caspar and Charis made it a point to become more familiar with one another, and from then on could frequently be seen walking the corridors of the castle together, oftentimes Caspar carrying her school books. They grew to like one another, and by the time Charis was in her sixth year grinding through Charms and Transfiguration NEWTs with Caspar in his seventh when their like had grown to love. Her seventh year could not be over soon enough, and in the summer following, Caspar and Charis were married and they bought a small cottage in the Mysticked District together.

RP Hooks

  • House of Black: Charis is a witch of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black. The youngest daughter of Arcturus "Nigellus" Black II, she was brought up well and in the social circles of the pure-blood families.
  • Wife of Crouch: Charis married Caspar Crouch when she graduated from Hogwarts in 1937. Are you a friend or enemy of the Crouch Family?
  • Seamstress - Charis works as a seamstress at Twilfit and Tattings, designing fashionable clothing for witches and wizards everywhere. Perhaps you have met her in a visit?
  • Hogwarts - Charis went to Hogwarts, Slytherin House from 1931-1938. She took two electives her third year, Divination and Care of Magical Creatures. For NEWTs she took Charms and Transfiguration and ever since she was a first year she was in the Domestics Club so she could be fit to work as such a prestigious clothier as Twilfit and Tattings after her Graduation.


  • Wealth: Comfortable: With Charis working as a seamstress and Caspar being a Ranger for the R.C.M.C. They won't be buying any mansions, but they won't be going hungry any time soon either.
  • Honeyed Tongue: Charis' good looks, high class raising, and job as a seamstress have made her quite proficient at getting what she wants, and talking you into thinking you are as well.
  • Loyalty: Charis is very loyal to her husband Caspar and to family Black. As such, it is hard for her to do anything that would cause strife in the family.
  • Posh: Charis always dresses in the highest quality clothing she can afford, and if anyone has been to her home they will know she keeps it in the same fashion.


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Husband: (b. January 13th, 1919) Pure-Blood. Casper is a good man. Far better than most I grew up knowing. He loves me completely and I him. We have our fights, like any couple does. This arrangement was one of the few things that I can honestly say my father got right.


Father: (b. June 18th, 1884) Pure-Blood. Arcturus Nigellus Black II, Father has never shown Charis the love that she feels like a father should. But he has been there and given her everything she ever needed, and it was because of him that she has Caspar. Charis supposes part of her still feels the need to compete for his affections.


Eldest Sister: (b. March 15th, 1915) Pure-Blood. Callidora is doing quite well for herself since marrying the Longbottom boy. They seem quite happy and I am happy for her. At least she didn't make the same mistake as our other sister.


Elder (Middle) Sister: (b. March 7th, 1917) Pure-Blood - Blood Traitor. Cedrella messed around married a blood traitor and as such has fallen from grace in Father's eyes. It is a little hard for me not to be pleased about this, maybe even a little snide. But, at the end of the day she is my sister and I do still love her, despite her follies. I will just make sure Father doesn't hear me say that.


Son: (b. December 29th, 1940) Pure-Blood. Little Barty is expected as a little late Christmas present for Caspar and Charis. Charis loves the idea of being a mother, her plans on parenthood entail being very fair and very loving.


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