Gentleman Gangster
Portrayed by Johnny Depp
Name: Charles Shaughnessy
Aliases: Charlie Johnson
Birthday: October 24th, 1902
Position: Criminal
Lineage: Muggle-born
Always cool


Charlie is a man in his late thirties, with a tall, slender build thickened by age. But in spite of his weathering, his high cheekbones and chiseled jawline still cut a handsome profile. He keeps his face beardless, and his brown hair is trimmed short in the back, but allowed to grow a bit long on top. When he speaks in his smooth, masculine voice, he immediately gives away his American origins.

Charlie is dressed sharply in a dark blue waistcoat over a white shirt and tie, with pinstriped slacks and polished black shoes. His hands are covered with supple, black, leather gloves. He favors a broad-shouldered wool overcoat of dark grey, large enough to disguise objects under, and a matching fedora.


  • 1902 — Born Charles Shaughnessy.
  • 1910 — First run-in with the law, for stealing marbles.
  • 1912 — Spent three nights in a work house after being caught pinching candy, and claiming to be an orphan.
  • 1913 — Started attending Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • 1920 — Graduated from Ilvermorny. Returns to New York and adopts the moniker, "Charlie Johnson". Started climbing the ladder of the Muggle underworld.
  • 1929 — Caught in a bank robbery gone wrong. Sentenced to ten years in Sing Sing.
  • 1939 — Released from prison. Hopped a boat to England to seek out his brother, James.
Gangster about town

Patrick and Melissa Shaughnessy emigrated from Ireland to New York City in 1900. Pregnant when she stepped off the boat, Melissa gave birth to their first son, James, shortly after arriving. Their second, Charles, came two years later. Though Patrick was a hard-working, virtuous man, his example only seemed to impress itself well upon his firstborn. Charlie was cut from a different cloth from the start.

James was everything his parents could have hoped for in a son — strong, pious, dedicated. These things didn't come as naturally to Charles. He struggled with his lessons in school, lacked James's natural physicality, and frequently shirked his duties to spend time with friends. He and James fought often, whether with words or fists, much of the conflict fueled by Charlie's resentment of the praise heaped upon James, while he was clearly such a disappointment. Still, in spite of their rivalry, the fraternal bond between them remained, and they would always stand up for one another against others.

He cleans up nice

But there was more going on than the Shaughnessys could hope to understand. Despite his shortcomings, Charlie led a charmed life — literally. He discovered that he has special gifts that his father would surely believe the work of the Devil. When a strange man claiming to be from the government came to inform Charlie that he was to be trained to hone his powers, he was elated. Never mind that his family was told that a judge had ordered that he be sent to a special reform school. This was his chance to be the better son for once.

The school in question was actually Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, Charlie's eyes were opened wide to the wizarding world. Though he was never extraordinary in any of his classes, he did learn a thing or two about casting spells. He knew it would be just the edge he needed when he returned New York.


Eleven inches, ebony, bendy, with a dragon heartstring core.

When Charles did get back to the Big Apple, he dropped the name Shaughnessy, assuming the moniker, "Charlie Johnson". Reconnecting with many of his old friends from the streets (in direct violation of Rappaport's Law), he insinuated himself into the New York underworld. He started small with petty crime, but took off from there. Only after getting busted for a bank job gone wrong did he finally see in the inside of a prison.

When he was finally released, most of the gang he'd been running with had scattered. So he turned to the one man he knew would always stand by him in some form: his brother, James. But to his surprise, James and his family had moved across the pond to live in London. Finding that his prospects in New York had dried up, Charlie decided that England couldn't be any worse, and at least he had family there.

Charlie's time in England was short, but profitable. He was able to arrange to smuggle certain potions into America, thus sending him back across the Atlantic. Eventually the MACUSA authorities busted up the smuggling operation, and Charlie's only escape was aboard the smuggling vessel itself, and he found himself on his way back to merry ol' England with a bag full of gold and opportunity on his mind.


Handsome Devil What Charlie lacks in other talents, he's always been able to make up for with good looks. He is absurdly good looking, and he knows it.
Moxie The pair on this guy…
Insatiable Charlie is never satisfied with what he's got. Whether he's looking for the next big score, or the next hot dame, he's always aiming upward and onward.
Unflappable Charlie is a cool glass of water, and very little ruffles his feathers.
Wealth: Comfortable Charlie made a big score before coming back to England, and he intends to put it to good use to set himself up.

RP Hooks

  • American: Can't stand the Colonials? Or maybe you think they're just grand. Either way, this boy is a Yankee, and unabashed about it.
  • Criminal: Charlie is a displaced New York gangster looking to establish himself in the London underworld.
  • Opportunist: The jingle of coins is bound to get Charlie's attention. He'll at least investigation most any opportunity to make money, especially if it's a big score and sticks it to the rich.


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Who doesn't like a little taste of Brandy? Heh, couldn't help myself. Sure, she's not my usual type, but she's got sass, and I like that.


Brother: Jimmy's got a broom handle shoved so far up his ass that when he sits down, his hat pops off. But if you ever say so, I'll put a bullet in your ugly mug.


Patrick Shaughessy
Father (Deceased): Dad thought Jimmy was the perfect little son. Jimmy could do no wrong. Jimmy is such a good little boyo. Charlie, why can't you be more like Jimmy? You couldn't take two minutes to care about what I was good at, Dad?


This pretty little bird practically flew into my lap. After days of watching owl flight paths, I met her completely by accident in the Underground, and she became my key into wizarding London. She's a bubbly little thing, but a lot of it's a cover for how sad she is inside. I'm no doctor, but I know a few good cures for that.


London seems to be chock full of beautiful dames. This little chick likes to play shy. I can play, but she's also got this gargoyle woman following her around playing nanny. What a mood-killer.


Miss Cole is one gorgeous dame. Too bad she seems to be Montague's dame. It's tempting, but probably not worth gettin' myself on his bad side. Better to see just what kind of heat he's packing, first.


I met a British gangster. At least, I'm pretty damn sure he's a gangster, or at least some kind of organized criminal, by the way Jimmy talks about him.



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