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Tyke on Fire
Portrayed by Shirley Temple
Name: Charlotte Madeline Fletcher
Aliases: Charlie, Curly
Birthday: Apr 02, 1926
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Half-Blood


The pint sized girl looks even younger than her age. With her bouncy blonde ringlets, cherubic features, and disarming dimples, she looks more like she's 8 or 9 rather than 11. That baby fat is still clinging to her her cheeks. With her animated features and baby fat that still clings to her cheeks, she looks more like a little doll than a young girl and has clearly not hit any kind of growth spurt yet. Her legs often sport a bruise or two and it isn't uncommon to see dirt or grass stains spotting her clothing.

Charlie's are tailored to her frame, but made of regular materials befitting her status. She is donning a typical, fairly new Hogwarts uniform: a white oxford shirt that often tails out from underneath a v-ed grey jumper which matches her pleated skirt. She sometimes tries to get away with colored argyle stockings, but often never gets past the dorms without changing them to black with black shoes. She leaves her House robes open.


Charlotte Fletcher (or Charlie) doesn't have much to say for her bloodline. Her father was a pure-blood from a family of decent standing. While vacationing at his family's countryside home, he met and knocked up a young local Muggle who was of modest means and visiting her family while on holiday from university. His name was Arden and her name was Abeline. Abeline was always beautiful but eccentric and was attracted to Arden's magical nature, something that more came across as wealthy oddness to her. She enjoyed being his reason to his rebellion and they went on to have 4 children, all of them magical and 3 of them boys. The last of these was Charlotte, the only girl of the family.

Arden breeds exotic magical creatures (legally of course) and is quite good at concealment spells such as the disillusionment charm. Being so consumed by this specialty and country life, he has no regrets about being disowned from his pure-blood family. He has also positioned himself as a consult for various types in the magical creature community. His wife, Abeline, would have been a Ravenclaw if she had ever went to Hogwarts. While she was studying Zoology when her and Arden's happy little "accident" happened, she never had a chance to return to university. Instead she travels around the UK, having spent her years building up a modest interior decorating business.


Dogwood, 13" with dragon heartstring. Supple.

As such, Charlotte grew up in the rough and tumble of the country. As the youngest, she grew up wanting to be just like her brothers, and spent time trying to weasel her way in and out of anything. Innocent, wide-eyed, curious, the girl often has the tendency to find herself in trouble (or maybe trouble finds her), though most of the time she was well-meaning she has become quite adept at deceptions to wiggle her way out of things. Her father never took this very seriously, finding it quite adorable. This, and her decently sized family, has only led her to spending a fair amount of energy making sure she was seen and heard. Some of her favorite activities are hunting and camping with her brothers, playing broom games, and storytelling over the fire. Her father Arden is always full of stories, and being that Charlotte idolizes him, she has every intention of stuffing herself full of stories, even if not all of them are true.

Being a country girl and completely isolated from her father's kin, Charlotte is a little bit naive when it comes to the importance of blood in the wizarding world. While she knows vaguely about these concerns, one could say they aren't really on her radar yet. Charlotte's mother, while present in her life, isn't as strong of a force as her father. Nonetheless, Abeline was always intent on making her daughter into a lady. It hasn't sunk in yet and has really just earned Charlotte the reputation of being a "difficult" child, though her mother would never tell her that. Since Abeline helps to select Charlotte's wardrobe, there are flourishes of girliness like frilly socks and such. Charlotte seems content to continue wearing hunting clothes and the like as often as possible. Abeline sometimes jokingly blames herself, saying, "I never should have read her Robin Hood." She is…sheltered, and the protective men in her life have done nothing to alter that.


Wealth: Well-To-Do
Loyalty Charlie is an incredibly loyal friend, but being as young as she is, she hasn't figured out who is best to give that loyalty to.
Theatrical Charlie naturally craves and draws the limelight, so much that she doesn't realize she does it.  It's a part of making other people feel good around her.  She likes to giggle and make other people laugh.
Troublemaker Charlie tends to get into trouble or complicate things unwittingly.  She means well, but she can say the darndest things.
Soft-hearted Charlie is tugged by her heartstrings, not so much her head.  With her soft belief system at this age, she could do the wrong things for the wrong people for the right reasons.

RP Hooks

  • Charlie's father, Arden Fletcher, breeds exotic magical creatures. Some of these he sells to magical zoo establishments, some to private owners with the proper papers (he helps people through this process too!), some he keeps for himself. He also allows researchers to visit his collection. Another part of his side business is consulting, both on creatures in general, their care, etc. He's well known enough for this to support him and his family comfortably.
  • Charlie is a half-blood, but blissfully naive of blood and what it means in the world today. Want to shatter that?
  • A part of Charlie's concept is that she means well, but trouble follows her. That said, I'm open to all sorts of trouble. Got some?


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Charlie's father. Charlie's loves her father very dearly. He's taught her a lot about how to take care of herself, hunt and care for animals.


Charlie's mother. She's a Muggle who never finished her university studies and instead went into interior decorating.

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