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Wizard Photographer
Portrayed by Elijah Wood
Name: Charlus Potter
Aliases: Charlie
Birthday: Nov 03, 1919
Position: Photographer for the Daily Prophet
Lineage: Pure-blood


This young man stands a little over five and a half feet tall, with a narrow build. His features are generally well-defined; his nose is straight and his mouth small but expressive. His most striking feature is his eyes, which are a piercing, bright blue. They are framed by thick black glasses which can either hide them in shadow or make them stand out even more, and are a striking contrast to his dark, messy hair.


The Potter family has been established for some generations as a fairly well-to-do Wizarding family in Great Britain. The eldest of the current generation, Charlus, was born into a life where he would want for very little. With a father in the IMC of the Ministry (and a mother who opted to stay home to tend to the family rather than have a career), Charlus spent a lot of time traveling the world. The trips were never very long or in-depth, but it did allow him to see many a place and culture even before he began his first year at Hogwarts.

As most Potters are, Charlus was sorted into Gryffindor. It was a fairly obvious choice for the young man who already had a tendency to stand up for others and often charmed those around him. He developed an interest in photography rather early on and was gifted one of the Wizarding World's first cameras as a Christmas gift that first year. Something that set off a sudden obsession in the young man.

It was in Charlus' second year that he began to become friends with Dorea. As young men will, he often taunted her in those early days. Too young to know what he felt for her. Though he was a shoe-in for the Quidditch team that year, he struggled with focus as he had a tendency to show off rather than properly dedicate himself.

This changed in his third year when Dorea became more of a force in his life. She had grown used to his teasing by then and he had taken to using her as the main focus for his photography practice. It was at her urging that he chose Divinations as his second elective (Care of Magical Creatures having been an easy choice).

In their fourth year, they began dating properly. Something most regarded as an eventuality and found relief that it had finally happened (rather than the Black and Potter dancing around the issue more). Much of Charlus' over-the-top nature and tendency towards goofing off was tempered by Dorea's more serious and focused nature. They balanced one another out.

By Sixth year, Charlus had settled upon Potions, Charms, and Transfiguration as his chosen NEWT courses. This left him ample time to focus on the Quidditch team and his photography. The latter, he had begun to assist others in the Arts Club who had a desire to learn or improve their skills.

He spent much of the Quidditch season of his Seventh Year on the bench due to an injury suffered during practice. Looking back now that he has graduated, he has no regrets. He used that time wisely and it has help lead him into a future that looks bright. He spent much of that time diving more into his photography and spending more time with Dorea.

Within a year of graduating, he and Dorea married and he began working at the Daily Prophet. The wages of a starting journalist is not anything to brag about, however his family and Dorea's both make sure they do well enough to get by. He spends much of his free time with his wife, or traveling. His work takes him some places and their sense of adventure takes them.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Chivalrous
  • Perfectionist
  • Larger Than Life

RP Hooks

  • Photographer for the Daily Prophet: Are you a co-worker? Perhaps a photography enthusiast or a fan?
  • Popular at Hogwarts: Charlus was well known and almost universally well-liked at Hogwarts during his time there.


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Wife - Dorea and Charlus were a well-known couple for many years at Hogwarts. They married the summer after graduating.


Potter Relation - Bailey is a Potter, however Charlus has hardly ever seen her… him… whatever. Bailey is a metamorphmagus and that is still a little strange.


Potter Relation - Duncan is a couple of years older than Charlus and a member of the family, however the older man's partying habits have formed a void. That isn't really a road that Charlus wishes to walk.


Potter Relation - Another Potter, this one still at Hogwarts and continuing a tradition of fine Quidditch players… and the boy seems to be a bit of a hellion.


Boss - Editor-in-Chief at the Daily Prophet. She's hard as nails but a good boss.

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