Spoiled Brat
Portrayed by Sasha Pieterse
Name: Chastity Eden Proudmore
Aliases: Chas
Birthday: May 02, 1927
Position: Student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Lineage: Pure-blood


Standing slightly under five foot, this girl seems to be no more then twelve years of age. A milky pale oval face is framed by harlow honey locks of hair cascading down her back, in soft curls, ending just shy of her mid-back. Her lovely cherubic face is accented by large sapphire eyes, spaced evenly on her face accenting her small pert nose. Her eyes are set off by thick, long eyelashes which lay softly against her cream coloured skin when her lids are closed. The youth's body holds traces of baby fat, her skin flawless and the colour of milk.


Chastity Eden Proudmore. The youngest in the main line of a proud Gryffindor family. With a father like Actaeon, is it any doubt that this girl was spoiled from the start? Pure-blood not only in the Wizarding sense, but also by lineage, she is every inch the Lion in looks… and often attitude, as well.

Her childhood has largely been one that some children dream of. The sort glamorized in Shirley Temple films. Riding lessons — both horse and hippogriff — and dance lessons, swimming at the lakeside. Tutors to instruct in french and etiquette. Vacations to the Italian countryside. Chastity has no concept of 'want' in her mind.

While this makes her a fairly spoiled child at the best of times, she's not unkind. It's not her fault her father has constructed her life so as to never witness struggle or to have to work for anything. She's seen Lucian's struggles (as the unwanted, bastard child), but to her it's a mysterious kind of lifestyle. Like visiting animals at the zoo to a Muggle child. In Victor, she has a more pesky sort of older brother. He gets to do everything first and it's NOT FAIR. She's prone to stealing into his room and messing with his things, but it's borne largely of curiosity and jealousy rather than malice.

While she's not found anything in common — yet — with Victor, she does share an interest in animals that she tries (in the awkward, annoying-to-teenage-boys way that only a girl can) to reach out to Lucian with. Really, she's found it impossible as of yet to connect with either of them. In one there's an oddity, a fascination, that makes a bridge unlikely to be crossed. In the other, there's the sheer jealousy and competitive nature of brothers and sisters.

Being from a wizarding family, while she's not been able to fully practice any magic before school, she has been allowed to learn theory. Magical history, to be certain, is rampant within such a household. She's learned a touch of herbology and potions merely from observation, though it's largely theory.

She, of course, is secure in the knowledge that this will give her an edge upon arriving at Hogwarts. Which it may, but little does Chastity realize that this is her last year of having everything for nothing…


7.50 inches inches, Willow, slightly springy, with a Unicorn Tail Hair core.



A doll face teacup white Persian cat named Crystal


RP Hooks

  • Prestigious Blood-line - Chastity is a Proudmore. A well-known, well-established Gryffindor family. She likely shows up at soirees and the like.
  • Animal Lover Chastity loves animals, maybe because she grew up around horses and hippogriffs but she enjoys being around animals, learning about them, and their habits.
  • Potions Chastity excels in potions, and with that comes a love of brewing, and herbs, and since her mother died, she has spent a lot of her time in the potions classroom, or the greenhouses.


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  • Finicky - She's never wanted for anything and that also means she never has anything she doesn't want. Chastity is finicky: about food, what she wears, what she does, etc.
  • Graceful - It's not just about breeding, there's a lot of training that goes into it. Chastity has been in dance lessons since she was very young and it shows. She's very graceful in most things she does.



The bastard half-brother. Chastity is beginning to understand why things are the way they are with Lucian, but there's still that mystery and intrigue around him. She wants to know him better, but it's not like to ever happen if her father has his say in it (which only makes her want to know her brother more).


The older brother. Chastity loves him, of course. She's supposed to. But she hates that he was lucky enough to be born first. He gets to do everything first and of course, when SHE does it, she gets compared to him. He sets the bar for her whole life and she's sick of it.

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