Character Information
Portrayed by Himself
Name: Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
Aliases: Winston Churchill
Birthday: November 30th, 1874
Position: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Lineage: Muggle


In the later decades of his life, Winston Churchill has undoubtedly become an ugly man — but even many who dislike him or do not know him admit that he has a pugnacious air that instantly commands respect. It's not from his build; he stands a little under average for an adult man, and round has never been the most threatening of shapes. No, it can be seen in the characteristic way he quirks up the left brow on his balding head when presented with something risible, and the way he clenches his jowled mouth like a bulldog when faced with something he can attack.

He is usually dressed presentably, if not impressively, in a black three-piece suit with an undertone of black, and complements of black bowtie and black buttons. (He at least has a white dress shirt to offset it).


A descendant of the Duke of Marlborough, Winston is the first son of the politician Lord Randolph Churchill and the American millionaire socialist Jeanette Churchill, nee Jerome. He was born two months premature on the 30th of November, 1874. As a young aristocratic boy, he had limited contact with his parents, but admired his mother from afar for her beauty, confidence, and political maneuvering; as a boy, Winston was not particularly confident or remarkable, having extremely uneven (and largely poor) academic performance and suffering from a lateral lisp and a powerful stutter.

He moved into a military career to please his father, though it took Churchill several tries to attain an officer-ship with his poor grades; further, once he did become an officer he repeatedly spent above his means simply trying to keep up with the other officers' lifestyles. This led to Churchill pursuing a glory-seeking path, taking to war correspondence and novelization to supplement his income and increase his fame, to improve the chance of better postings. He was more a brave politician than a loyal soldier, deeply concerned with the actions of Parliament back home. By the time he was 30, he left the military and transitioned into Parliament directly.

As a politician over the next four decades, Churchill concerned himself often with short-term political results over long-term action; while he modernized the Navy and encouraged the development of military air power, he delayed acting on suffragism, favored brutal opposition to independence and labor movements, and advocated for Britain's return to the gold standard — privately knowing it would help trigger a depression but finding it politically efficacious. Even while receiving privileged information about Nazi Germany's growing power, he continually criticized Prime Minister Chamberlain's appeasement tactic — meant to purchase Britain time to prepare for war — as a naive one.

By 1940, Churchill had successfully undermined the public's confidence in Chamberlain's ability to prosecute the war. When the vote of no confidence came in Parliament, Chamberlain ultimately supported Churchill to follow him as he felt only Churchill's long and vocal opposition of Germany would serve to unify a frightened country. Now a year into Germany's air raids on Britain, Winston Churchill has become a respected figure as prime minister of a besieged country for "his energy, his courage, his singleness of purpose."

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  • Pugnacious Politician: Churchill is better at making enemies than friends; he is constantly very blunt and often underhanded in handling rivals.
  • Cynical Pessimist: Churchill rarely expects the best plausible result from any situation and is quite vocal about it.
  • Noble: Knight
  • Wealth: Rich

RP Hooks

  • Prime Minister: Any issue of national importance necessarily involves Churchill, particularly if it directly pertains to the war effort.
  • Captain of Industry: Churchill has many private and governmental connections to Britain's industry and takes a personal interest in anyone who can offer or sell his armed forces the equipment they need to fight.


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Minister for Magic: Winston and Leonard have quite a close relationship. His magical counterpart in profession and him know the burden of the sort of responsibilities they both must handle. Winston playfully calls Leonard his "Imaginary Friend".


Randolph Churchill
Father: (February 13th, 1849 - January 24th, 1895 (aged 45)) Muggle. Lord Randolph Churchill's Wikipedia Page.


Jennie Churchill nee Jerome
Mother: (January 9th 1854 - June 29th, 1921 (aged 67)) Muggle. An American (New York) Socialite. Lady Churchill's Wikipedia Page.


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