Cillian Nephy Peele
Portrayed by Jake T Austin
Name: Cillian Nephy Peele
Aliases: -
Birthday: Jul 31, 1926
Position: Student
Lineage: Half-Blood


Cillian is a young boy with a left eye that seems almost milky/glossy brown staring off into space. He has light caramel brown skin, hazel eyes, stands about 4'9" tall, and is approximately 80 pounds. His hair is dark brown the chocolate brown naturally streaked and low-lighted as a touch of black here or there as it is curly and with a mind of its own brushing against his collar in a wild and untamable mess falling to his upper back while often escaping the attempts to keep it out of his face with ties.
There's a natural fullness to his lips that gives him a permanently sulky expression and a sprinkle of cinnamon colored freckles across his nose and down his arms as his mixed heritage melds together. He has a lean and wiry build but is far from fragile, sturdy and quick on his feet. His hands are small and have long dexterous fingers contributing to a sensitively delicate touch.


If anybody had ever said Emory Mc'Creery and Beauford Benjamin Peele would've been best of friends…they'd have been considered mad as a hatter. Polar Opposites who grew up attending the same school…Emory in Gryffindor and Beauford in Ravenclaw, they met during their first year and although they seemed to spend most of their time arguing about time management and what fun was…they were fiercely loyal to one another and over the summer ardent pen-pals. As they grew older, Emory remained as wild and playful as always, doing well in classes such as Potions and Transfiguration and getting into trouble for mouthing off or coming up with naughty limericks about teachers or paintings who annoyed him…and Beauford became more cold and insular, putting up with Emory's antics with a long-suffering type of manner and using his keen mind and memorization of school rules to find ways of getting his 'best friend' out of trouble.

When they graduated from school, Emory wanted to buy a pub and make special Wizard brews and Beauford wanted to work as a private tutor for exclusives Pure-Blood families. At the end of the day however, they ended up sharing a flat and Emory worked in a pub during the nights and taught music (woodwind instruments) during the day and Beauford did get his wish to be a private tutor. Nobody knew if they were brothers…or cousins seeing as they used the same last name and its never proper to gossip in the streets about if they were actually 'more than best friend' so they were just known by those around them to be like Day and Night, completely different and yet both 'Peeles'.

The enigma that was the 'Peeles' increased when one day they left town for a couple of days and returned with a young exotic looking woman, an 'Irish Traveller' of sorts aka a Gypsy named Angelica Thompson and she stayed with them for 10 months, never wandering far from the flat and with each month it was more and more obvious she was with child. Then she left after the 10 months and was never seen in the neighborhood again. Neighbors whispered and rumors flew about but all they knew was a couple of months later, Emory announced to his individual family that he had a newborn son and Beauford announced to his individual family that he had adopted a newborn little boy. Cillian Nephy Peele.

What had actually happened is that they had paid this young woman who had a magically inclined brother but no magical talent herself to have the little boy for them. She was a peculiar type, with a mother who was a Seer, and an academic knowledge and understanding of Astronomy and Astrology and her kooky nature is what attracted Emory to her. Beauford was not as fond as the woman and would only agree to the arrangement if she promised to have nothing to do with the child after he was born. It does seem that as people age their feelings towards one another starts to become strained. After an unfortunate accident where Emory tried to stun a rat that had gotten into the baby's cradle and he was using a malfunctioning wand and the spell accidentally hit the baby instead and…damaged his left eye permanently…it began to become more and more obvious that strain was taking a toll on their relationship. By the time Cillian turned 4…Beauford moved out of the flat into his own place. They made an agreement that Emory would take care of Cillian in the Spring and Summer months while Beauford would care for him in the Fall and Winter months.

A young man with unique physical features and a mixed heritage, Cillian had a wild and warm-hearted 'Da' (Emory) to teach him how to play music on wooden flutes and pan-pipes as well as how to 'survive' in the 'wild' outdoors because according to him, anything could happen. Spending time either in the woods or in pubs listening to wild and raunchy jokes and dancing around or playing folksey music…and learning to be caring about all folks because everybody has stories and only by listening to the stories can you really get to know a person.

Then his 'Father' (Beauford) was there to teach him the basics of reading and writing and researching and learning that most people aren't to be trusted, muggles are dangerous and of course there's an order to everything and every person has a 'place'. The academic and logical side of things make visits with 'Father' rather dull, drab and strict!

On his own, outside of loving to play around with whistles and pan-pipes and his special little flute…he's a child that has always loved to deal with puzzles. Figuring out problems where the answers are not blatantly obvious make his interests in mysteries or mysterious individuals…rather unique for his age. He's fiercely protective of his 'Fathers' and their namesake and he always feels torn between the two because they do not see eye to eye but he loves them both.

This family managed to co-exist in such a way for 7 years until one day an owl arrived with a special letter for Cillian and Emory, forgetting his anger or dislike for his snobbish Pure-Blood enthusiast of an ex-bestfriend and snatched up the 11 year old boy and got to Beauford's as quickly as possible, jumping around and screaming about 'OUR BABY GOT INTO 'OGWARTS!'. It was a very…interesting day indeed. He is to begin his first year at Hogwarts, this year…1937.


Cillian's wand is: 11 1/2 inches long, made of supple cypress wood. The core is unicorn hair.

His fathers didn't go to a well known wand maker but a trusted Mc'Creery wand maker who was well known amongst that family.


Cillian's parents couldn't decide what type of pet they should get their precious little boy so by the time it was time to go to school, he still didn't have one.

RP Hooks

Cillian's family history is unusual due to having two fathers and a mother he doesn't know who is an Irish Traveller (Gypsy). He's not an introvert by any means and his has an eye that people still don't know if it works or not. The common theory is…that he's blind in that eye. Suspicious people, prefer for him to cover up that odd colored eye. I'm open for RP ideas and thoughts. Hook me with your best bait!

  • Mc'Creery Family - The Irish Mc'Creery clan are filled with creative nature loving folks with distant Irish Traveller/Romany roots. Blood has watered down but they are potion makers, brew masters, wand makers, musicians and just a fun loving bunch who often explore different countries and travel about but always come home to family. Family is very important. <—— Can always know the last name Mc'Creery either for good or bad reasons…they can drink and brawl just as well as they play music and cast spells. Hufflepuffs for the most part. Often frowned upon by 'Pure Blood' families due to their acceptance of muggle lifestyles and aspects of muggle cultures and being protective of the lot of them. Also as teachers and other adults can probably remember 'Emory Mc'Creery' (Cillian's Da) as a trouble making and mischievous Gryffindor scamp who was particularly talented with potions but enjoyed the quick laugh to be found in an amusing transfiguration. Loyal and filled with Laughter. He owns a pub…somewhere out there in one of those forests the muggles tend to avoid or not know are there.
  • Peele Family - The very posh and aristocratic Peele family is a well known name amongst the Pure Blood wizarding community. Distantly related to Romania/Transylvania wizards of old, they are as cold as they are intelligent and subtly ambitious. Real power, comes from knowledge not physical superiority. Shunning as much contact with muggles, scorning those of lesser blood, and pitying those pure bloods who live in poverty…they are dark in their magical pursuits and fonts of knowledge about magic in general. <- Can always know the last name Peele either for good or bad reasons…they are often Slytherins and rarely Ravenclaws but they are lauded in the wizarding community for producing scholars. 'Beauford Peel' (Cillian's Father) was a Ravenclaw who previously to being sorted had aspirations to be in the Slytherin household. Known by professors and adults as being studious and distant from most, opinionated and ever so scornful of those who put 'fun' before 'education'. Arithmancy and Ancient Runes were classes he excelled in along with Herbology for some reason and was quite learned in Magical History. Best friend to Emory, he was torn between familiy honor and the his friend and eventually romance based loyalties. He is NOT talked about by his family anymore, so that's also an in 'I didn't even know Beauford /had/ a son' and etc. He is hired as a private tutor for wizard kids.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Conflicting Loyalties
  • Limited Visibility
  • Sensitive


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Emory Mc'Creery Peele
Father 'Da' - A rakish and wild-child sort of Irish pub jumper for lack of a better term, Emory is the father responsible for Cillian during the Spring and Summer months. Lots of camping trips and going stargazing with his 'son' while spending the rest of his time trying to come up with new types of brews to spice up his drinks at the local wizard Pubs. A pureblood wizard, he's always at odds with his 'best friend' when it comes to raising Cillian because he doesn't see a problem with 'Muggles' and their ways.


Beauford Benjamin Peele
Father 'Father' - Cillian's other 'father' for lack of a better term. As far as people know, he's Emory (Cillian's Other Father's) best friends and he's known for his aristocratic edge and his perfectionist touch. A keen mind and an overall superiority Pure-Blood nature, he's like ice to the fire of Emory's own wild-child nature. That said, he has custody of Cillian during the Fall and Winter months and life with him his about academics, studying, reading and improving his mind so as not to embarrass his family by 'not knowing'. He sees muggles as a sort of pollution in the Wizard world and this is why he no longer lives with Emory and they have haven't spoken for 7 years…until now.


Angelica Thompson
Mother - Cillian has never met this woman. A squib according to his 'Da' aka 'Emory' and a 'don't ask me about that woman' according to his 'Father' aka Beauford. She's a lovely woman…familiar with the Wizarding world due to having a brother who, though muggle born like herself, received his school letter at 11. She gave her baby up after carrying him for 9 months as agreed and Emory is his biological father. She is the reason why technically Cillian is considered a 'Half-Blood' but that being said…he doesn't know she's his mother. She was paid by both men to keep her distance in exchange for update on how he's doing from time to time.


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