Player Information
Name: CinderSkye
Aliases: Cinderella, Cindy
Birthday: August 18th
Position: Player
Location: AMERICA

About Me

Huge Star Wars nerd, huge Pokémon nerd, huge tabletop nerd. Used to play WoW (who in online roleplay didn't?) and a few other MMOs. Been at RPing generally for a while, brand new to MUSHing, rusty but vaguely familiar with Potter stuff.

I'm pretty good at photoshop stuff (compare how Peyton List actually looks to how I made her look on Phoenicia!) and feel free to bug me if you'd like me to photoshop stuff for you.

Phoenicia is my main character and I don't intend to make a lot right now. Please hit me up for anything you'd like to do!

Spellsheet Page

I made a spreadsheet that helps you make useful spellbooks for your characters' wiki pages. While they can look very pretty like in Phoenicia's or Medea's profile, by default, they are not.

However, you can easily make yours look like these spiffy profiles! Just follow the steps below.

This one's a little bit more complicated, Medea Style is easier. These instructions assume you do not have any other tabs in your profile; you cannot nest wikidot tabs (that is to say, you cannot put one set of tabs inside of another). If you already have tabs in your profile, you'll need to make sure to make the area of your profile that tabs out to the spellbook exclude these other tabs. Phoenicia's profile technically is an example of this.

Now, with that out of the way, remove the leading and ending bits of code from the spellsheet code:



Put this aside for a moment in Notepad or something.

You're then going to want to put:

[[tab Profile]]

at the start of your profile. At the end of the profile put:

[[tab Spellbook]]

followed by your Spellsheet code that you copied to Notepad earlier.

At the end of the spellsheet code, close it out with:


And you're done!


Augustina CinderSkye Phoenicia Zenia
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