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Just a little trouble.
Portrayed by Rebecca Ferguson
Name: Clerestory Mulciber
Aliases: Clare, Clara
Birthday: 9 May, 1914
Position: Apprentice Wandmaker / Shopgirl
Lineage: Pure-Blood

Don't keep me waitin' when I'm in the mood!
Glenn Miller, In the Mood (1940)


Terribly pale skin dusted all over with freckles is framed by a sheaf of golden hair, twisted most often into a gleaming chignon. With apple-green eyes and a complexion tinted with strawberry hues, the young woman calls the warm sweetness of summer to mind in her coloring, while the slant of her brows and the sparkling mischief in her eyes give her an aspect of wildness, a breath of lurking adventure. The coy lilt of her lips hints at a bold volatility, and her movements are agile, despite the thinness of her 5'8" and the prominence of her cheek- and collarbones.


Once upon a time, a young, dashing Zelda Ollivander fell in love with and ran away with Leonardo Mulciber, marrying in Scotland without a word of warning. Though the pair's elopement caused no small amount of shock throughout their two families and the Wizarding community at large, by 1896 all interested parties had settled themselves to the inevitable and it proved no more troublesome than usual when Zelda bore the first of what would ultimately amount to seven children. Clerestory was the last of these, arriving on a radiant May morning in 1914 and screaming fit to kill. Their family lived predominantly in a modest residence on the outskirts of the woods of Nottinghamshire, and the surrounding area proved an excellent playground for the young Mulcibers. As the youngest in the family, Clare's childhood was rough-and-tumble, filled with pranks implemented by elder brothers (which she retaliated), inter-sibling squabbles (in which she gaily took part), and an eternity of climbing trees (a pastime she indulged in daily). Despite their relative isolation and Zelda and Leonardo's continuing besottedness with one another, the vivacious Zelda had no interest in becoming a hermit, so Clare's childhood was also punctuated by many lengthy visits to relatives in other parts of the countryside, and even occasionally to London.


Fifteen inches even inches, dogwood, whippy, with a unicorn hair core.

Clerestory began attending Hogwarts in 1925, at which time she was sorted into Gryffindor house. Merry of temperament and somewhat rambunctious, she earned a reputation as a bit of a troublemaker in her time, though not one of having much of a mean streak. She studied Arithmancy and Ancient Runes for her O.W.L.s, squeaking five O.W.L.s in total. Arithmancy was always a struggle for her and she dropped it for N.E.W.T.s, choosing to concentrate on Charms, Herbology, and Ancient Runes in her sixth and seventh years. Her continuing interest in forestry and the outdoors led to an interest in Wandlore, and about a year after her graduation in 1932, she was able to persuade her cousin, Garrick Ollivander, to take her on as an apprentice in the art of wand making.%r%r

For the last seven years or so, then, Clare has been living in a cheap flat in Diagon Alley, working as shopgirl in the wand shop most days and learning in Garrick's workroom whatever she can. She's an energetic sort, and relishes the opportunities to seize a bit of adventure when she goes out collecting suitable wand-wood now and then. But sometimes the stretches in London are long, and she has to find other ways of blowing off a little steam. She's emotional and experimental, and sometimes she'll try something, just to see what will happen. This means that her most cleverly-built wands, while unconventional, are almost guaranteed to be interesting.


Frenetic Energetic and driven, Clare has an intense dislike for being cooped up, especially if that means indoors, sedate, and confined. She exudes a nervous energy that leaks out of her through idle movement when she finds herself in these kinds of situations, and she can hardly tolerate them for long. She's much more at ease out of doors, especially if she's running, jumping, or (her favorite) climbing.
Mischievous Clare does not take kindly to being bored - she likes adventure, she likes excitement! She likes for interesting things to happen. If none of the above seem to be forthcoming, she's very willing to do a little of her own prodding to provoke some kind of excitement in her near vicinity. She (mostly) means well, but anyway, playing pranks is funny.
Impulsive Clare has an unquenchable desire to know what will happen. It's sort of an inherited trait, and it's paired (problematically) in her with an inclination to find out via unplanned experimentation, rather than research or methodical tests. If there is a large red button, she will press it. What's the worst that could happen?
Wealth: Comfortable Mulcibers, as a rule, are more interested in making things than in making money, so it's no shock they haven't saved up untold riches somewhere. But it's not like they're doing poorly, either. Someone is always able to turn something to cash if there's a need.

RP Hooks

Wand Salesgirl Do you have a need for a new wand, like a new Hogwarts student or a terrible accident to your old one? Do you need to talk to Ollivander for some reason, but he's stepped out? Clare spends a lot of her time working at the wand shop, and is often available there to help with these sorts of issues.
Climb Time Clare is usually up for something adventurous and/or athletic, and if it involves climbing on top of something, so much the better. From trees to clocktowers, she's willing to give it a go.
Blind Date Clare's getting older, she's not settled down yet, and her mother is starting to make pointed comments about marriage and babies. Sometimes she'll go so far as to set Clare up with the son of some friend or another, who happens to be staying in London. Clare doesn't need the row that refusing to meet these men would cause, so she's sat through some hellaciously awful dates.


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Leonardo Mulciber
Father - The Mulcibers are all crafty and like to make stuff, and it was Leonardo's later-in-life fascination with cathedral architecture that earned Clare her given name. Daddy loves to just talk shop, and even though their two areas of interest don't actually overlap much, the language of craft gives them loads of common ground.


Zelda Mulciber nee Ollivander
Mother - The beautiful, vivacious Zelda eloped with Leonardo in their youth, a story that Clare finds incredibly romantic, especially considering how well their marriage has stood the test of time. They generally get along well, though Clare is closer to her father, perhaps because Zelda occasionally grows prickly about Clare's inability to find the perfect man.


Cousin, Apprentice-Master - Much like an elder brother, Ollivander infuriates and excites Clare by turns. He knows so much about wandsmithing, and his technique is unparalleled! But he also clearly doesn't trust her 100%, which is frustrating as she's been apprenticed to him for lo these seven years now, and it sometimes feels as if he's going to make her do nothing but oak and elm wands until she's eighty. She can do a lot more, when he gives her the latitude. It's just a matter of getting his attention and not messing it up.


Fiancé - Oh, Benjamin Crouch. They met in early November, 1940, on a blind date orchestrated by their mothers, but what started off as a surprisingly great evening developed into a whirlwind romance that took even impromptu Clare by surprise. By December they had become engaged, provoking considerable smugness in their matchmaking mothers, and astonishment in nearly everyone else. Clare doesn't care, though: she's head over heels for the unconventional healer, and everyone else and their opinions can sod off.


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