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Justice Is Not Blind
Portrayed by Penelope Wilton
Name: Clarity Themis Hawkins
Aliases: Magistrate Hawkins
Birthday: 4 January, 1871
Position: Magistrate of Hogsmeade
Lineage: Half-blood


Clarity's unassuming and kindly appearance belies the strong, authoritative woman within. She never lacks for a kind smile to anyone she meets, save for the worst sort of criminals. Her posture is slightly stooped, with narrow shoulders and a small frame. She is the sort of authority figure to conquer with kindness and firm insistence, rather than demanding respect for her badge.

For the most part, Clarity has little reason to show her sterner side. Her voice is high, possessing a sing-song quality that reminds the listener of their sweet ol' gran…but one should always beware: Clarity has a mind like a steel trap. While others are taken in by her gentle demeanor and harmless appearance, the Magistrate is busily filing away even the smallest scraps of detail. Her determination and strong will can most easily be seen within her eyes, which can often remain hard and calculating even when she's offering one of her famous warm smiles.

Though an older woman now (ahem), Clarity has yet to go totally grey! That she was once a brunette is clear, and while she may never have been the bell of the ball, Clarity believes she has aged well enough. Truth be told, the Magistrate cares little for beauty and glamour. Well dressed and professional has been her mark all these years, and she aims to keep it that way.

Her one weakness, or so she thinks, is her taste for sweets. It's no small wonder she hasn't doubled her waist size due to her love of all things sugary and delicious. Chocolates, candies, cakes — Clarity's kitchen is rarely without them! But Clarity has managed to turn her little vice to her advantage. In most cases, few people can resist freely offered cookies and tea themselves, and this has allowed Clarity ample opportunity to get to know others without making them feel as if she were putting them on the spot.


Growing up in Hogsmeade, Clarity Hawkins has always looks upon the village as her protectorate. Even as a child, she had an overdeveloped sense of justice, and would fearlessly scold anyone treating another poorly. At Hogwarts, she was a natural fit for Gryffindor, and eventually Prefect, and it was no surprise when she was made Head Girl. Though sometimes viewed as a goody two-shoes or snitch, those that actually felt her justice knew her to be tremendously fair-minded, and often willing to give second chances.

Those qualities followed her out of Hogwarts and into the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Though she had the N.E.W.T.s to qualify as an Auror, she actually began her career, quite deliberately, in the Wizengamot Administration Services. For several years, she trained under a top barrister, learning the ins and outs of criminal law. Only later did she apply to join the M.L.E.S., becoming a Hit Wizard. After a highly successful career as an Inspector, she put in for a transfer to join the Auror Office, where she spent two years honing her skills at dealing with the Dark Arts. When, at last, a Magistrate position in Hogsmeade became available, she lobbied hard for it, greatly desiring to return to her beloved hometown and care for it once more.

In the years since she took over as Magistrate of Hogsmeade, the village has become a bit more organized and orderly under her supervision. But as a firm believer in tradition, Clarity is careful not to upset the social balance. While an outsider might have found more resistance, the fact that she is familiar, and even friendly, with so many residents of Hogsmeade made her transition into a position of authority much smoother.


  • Justice Must Prevail
  • Tougher Than She Looks
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • She is the law in Hogsmeade Village.
  • Reputed for her thorough investigations and powerful sense of fairness.
  • Order of Merlin, Second Class: For dedicated service to magical law and order.


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Despite the lowly reputation of his establishment, Aberforth has always been an upright citizen, and someone that Clarity can count on for cooperation.


While Clarity finds Brad a charming young man in idle conversation, she does not approve of his public rabble-rousing on the wireless. If there is one thing she cannot abide, it is somebody attempting to provoke others into unrest.


The Fawleys have long been pillars of the community, and Camilla is no exception. A fine young woman with a big heart and a promising future.


The proprietor of the Three Broomsticks is too new for Clarity to form an opinion about yet, despite that so many of the locals already have.


Madam Puddifoot
Ever since the Broken Hearts Riot that accompanied the tea shop's opening in 1935, Clarity has cast a wary eye toward Madam Puddifoot.

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