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Character Information
Portrayed by Chloe Noelle
Name: Claudia Drusilla Bulstrode
Aliases: -
Birthday: August 27th, 1929
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


Claudia is a thin girl, with a fair complexion, deep, brown eyes, and waist-length, brunette hair. A prominent nose dominates her young face. She stands around four feet eight inches tall and weighs around eighty pounds. She moves with a brisk gate, as if always in a hurry.

At the moment Claudia is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the green and silver colouring she must have sorted into House Slytherin. A grey vest edged in green and silver covers a crisp white Oxford shirt, buttoned from the belt-line to the collar and accented with a green tie with narrow silver stripes. The shirt is tucked neatly into matching grey pleated skirt. Skirt and stockings meet at the knees, and black shoes are worn on the feet. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Slytherin Green fabric, unadorned except for a silver snake slithering over a green background with a silver chevron sewn over the heart.


Claudia Drusilla Bulstrode was born on August 27, 1929, at her parents' residence in London to an impeccable, pure-blood family. Her father, Adrian Bulstrode, worked as an advising attorney for the International Magical Office of Law at the Department of International Magical Cooperation, and her mother, Camellia Bulstrode nee Burke, worked as a researcher of cosmetic potions, specializing in magical perfumes and anagathic lotions. Claudia was a surprise to both her parents, who had not planned on having a fourth child. Claudia's brother, Valerian (born 1912) was hired as an Unspeakable at the Ministry of Magic shortly after leaving Hogwarts, and her sisters, Livia and Briseis (born 1916), worked as a model and Gringotts Curse-Breaker respectively.

Claudia's childhood was spent in London, with frequent trips to exotic destinations, which her parents traveled to for business. Private tutors instilled a love of languages and poetics, even as she was drilled in the finer points of etiquette and savoire faire. Yearly vacations in the Mediterranean developed Claudia's love of swimming and the ocean. When not in the water, she could be found pouring over books in various languages or exercising a developing talent for strategy through chess. Claudia's facility for languages made their study both enjoyable and swift, becoming a pleasure rather than a chore.

Not all was idyllic. Adrian and Camellia worked long hours, and while supportive, Claudia's siblings were distant, busy with their own burgeoning careers. Parental praise was underscored with reminders of her siblings' success and the unspoken knowledge that, unlike her brother and sisters, Claudia was the unplanned child, whose expenses have made a once prosperous family merely comfortable. Thus, Claudia nourished an unhealthy degree of ambition. Seeking familial approval, she drove herself to excel in anything she attempted, and would not accept anything less than perfection. Claudia had a strong sense of justice, but often viewed rules as an impediment to success. Curiosity, daring, and vivacity were marks of the intrepid winner. This has hidden a deep insecurity about her place in the world and her value to her family.

Claudia has planned her Hogwarts experience with an eye to every detail, arming herself with ambition and the zeal to achieve. However, after arriving, her only real friend has been her diary, and without a pet, she has lacked even an animal to share her confidence.

RP Hooks

  • Down by the Lake: Claudia loves swimming. Although she does not often swim in the lake, she frequently walks its shore to be near the water. She is happy to share this passion with anyone who shows the slightest interest.
  • Lurking in the Library: Claudia spends many of her afternoons studying in the library. If other students in her year seem open, she will try to initiate conversation in the hopes of studying together.
  • Proud of her Heritage: Claudia is a member of a long lineage of pure-blood wizards and witches, having been raised to view being pure-blood as a sort of wizarding nobility with its own set of obligations. She will defend any attack on the Bulstrode family, and will attempt to use her position to defend other students she might perceive as less fortunate.
  • Unquenchable Curiosity: Claudia is driven to investigate any mystery or enigma, often without regard for her own wellfare. She is likely to poke her nose into other students’ business. After all, knowledge is power.


  • Wealth: Comfortable Claudia’s family does not want for any necessity.
  • Ambidextrous: Although Claudia uses her wand with her left hand, she is able to perform most tasks with either hand.
  • Overambitious: Claudia is always looking for a way to prove herself.
  • Perfectionist: Although Claudia is tolerant of imperfections in others, she will not settle for anything other than the best in herself.
  • Natural Linguist: Claudia learns languages quickly and easily, finding relaxation in their study.


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Adrian Bulstrode
Father: (b. 1887) Pure-Blood. Often preoccupied by matters of politics and the international wizarding community, Adrian spends much of his time away from home. He is happy to discuss these matters with his daughter in the hope of giving her the best education possible. However, neither grasps the other’s emotions, resulting in stiff, if loving, interactions.


Camellia Bulstrode nee Burke
Mother: (b. 1889) Pure-Blood. Camellia spends her days pursuing exotic ingredients and experimenting with arcane formulas, all in the names of beauty and business. Claudia idolizes her mother, and strives to win her favor by keeping herself polished and on the edge of fashion. Camellia and Claudia know their roles as mother and daughter well, but sometimes break them in a clash of temper.


Valerian Bulstrode
Brother: (b. 1912) Pure-Blood. Like his father, Valerian is distracted by a demanding career. He is quite fond of his youngest sister, and takes her on weekend excursions. Claudia is aware that he spends his evenings courting witches and engaging in other pursuits kept secret from the family.


Livia Bulstrode
Sister: (b. 1916) Pure-Blood. Livia is the rebel in the family; however, her parents respect her success, even if they disapprove of her career choice as a model known for her magical pinups. Always traveling, she rarely sees Claudia. When they are together, Livia encourages her youngest sister to be rebellious and find herself, while Claudia is uncertain what to make of Livia.


Briseis Bulstrode
Sister: (b. 1916) Pure-Blood. Livia’s twin, Briseis is the respectable daughter, who has always excelled in her endeavors. Working for Gringotts, Briseis travels to the distant corners of the globe at her employer’s behest. Briseis frequently writes Claudia, telling her of her adventures and encouraging her to pursue her academics and uphold the family name. Although their relationship is marked by the distance in years, Briseis is the sibling who Claudia feels closest to and with whom she believes she can be most honest.


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