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Portrayed by Martin Klebba
Name: Clavin Porus Umbre
Aliases: Vinny
Birthday: Apr 01, 1905
Position: Appleby Arrows Quidditch, Assistant Coach
Lineage: Muggle-born


A short man as he only stands at 4'6" but that does not mean that his body is inferior. Only short. He is still built to be quite the strong man. A man that looks to be around his mid thirties. Legs a bit shorter than his upper body. Muscular arms and neck and built to be bulked up. Though with legs that makes him at least seem a bit taller than he is.

His face stays true to the rest of his body by having a rather strong figure. A squared face with strong cheekbones and a more or less flat jawline that ends in a bump of a chin. On the chin there is a stubble of a start to a goatee. The facial hair being grey. Full lips and a big nose rests on the center of his face. His eyes big round and blue with eyebrows that are high, sharp and grey. Upon his head is nothing but baldness. Head rounded and completes the look.


Vinny is born to two squibs. His father, Domenicus, being from a big bloodline within the Romanian wizard world. Umbre Family. But being a Squib in such a house made them sure to try and cut ties to the man. Whom then traveled to find himself in France. Where he met another Squib, Mirania Ducoure. One from a smaller family and luckily still accepted in her family. Which also took Domenicus in as he married Mirania. Even though they were accepted in the Ducoure family they wanted something for themselves. The two of them therefore continued and moved over to London as immigrants. As some time passed they got a child born in London. Unlike his parents he had magic. But perhaps for the cost of his height.

While growing up he was one to be bullied. Either by his height or by his bloodline of being from two Squibs. But it also made him determined to prove everyone wrong about him. Which house he would join was up for discussions as his parents were not from there nor having been to school in Hogwarts. Some believing him to be sorted into Hufflepuff for his hard working attitude. Other finding him to be ambitious and therefore a Slytherin. Some thinking of him being a brave person to continue despite the reputation he got. In the end it came to him being part of Ravenclaw, for his mind. Joining the duelers club and also being an athletic man. His true skills lying in his mind though, which was why he ended up as a Ravenclaw. Having always been one to be able to spot the skills and talents of someone and drawing use of it. He also was one that was good at noticing things and planning ahead.

He always did enjoy Quidditch but not able to really participate, other than a seeker. Which he did for a little bit, but he wasn't really that capable on a broom. Instead having been an announcer and taking use of his eyes to see things and also able to predict what would happen thanks to his strategic mind. Seeing who would be the better fit against certain opponents and so on. This was something that would help him after school.

After leaving school he was soon busy doing odd jobs here and there. Soon enough landing him in London where he was found talking with people about all kinds of things. Even a bit about Quidditch to other wizards. Someone seemed to had caught on to the talk. Seeing that he had a talent. Soon enough that made him end up becoming the coach for a smaller Quidditch team. As the time went on he got up a bit in the sport. Landing himself a position as the coach of the Appleby Arrows.


The wand that chose Clavin is 10 inches. Made of a Oak and with a dragon heartstring core. A sturdy and thick wand.

RP Hooks

He is a community NPC, which means please feel free to use him if you are a member of the Appleby Arrows.

  • Appleby Arrows: Assisting coach for Appleby Arrows Quidditch
  • Evaluator: Great talent evaluator. If you think that you got what it takes to succeed, come to him.
  • Work: Because of his skills he might be looking to add on things to his resume. So anyonee interested in his skills should look him up.


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  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Unpredictable Temper
  • Reliable
  • Short
  • Afraid of Heights



Former girlfriend and also one of my best friends. I guess it was just bad luck that I was born to two squibs. Her parents didn't approve. Though I am quite happy being her friend. And she is now married. I just hope her husband treats her and the kid right.


Good kid.


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