This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Clayton has been transferred and shipped out to the front.

Fly Boy
Portrayed by Paul Wesley
Name: Clayton William Kable
Aliases: Clay, Kable
Birthday: Sep 13, 1908
Position: British Military Forces - RAF
Lineage: Muggle


Clayton has a pet German Shepard named, Rick. He has been trained as a working dog and knows various commands, all his commands were trained in Italian.



Clayton flies a Spitfire in the Royal Air Force.



Clayton rides a Royal Enfield WDCO, which he may or may not have won from some Ground Pounders in a game of cards.


Tutto è permesso in guerra ed in amore.
All is fair in war and love.


Standing at 5'11 with a muscular athletic build Clayton isn't a very small man. Almost in his thirties he still has a somewhat young look to him in the face around his eyes. Brows are normally furrowed in thought above green eyes that are consistently watching everything around him. His jaw is a little too strong and cheekbones high to make him beautiful but attractive or handsome is definitely a suitable term. Somewhat thin lips reveal startling white teeth in a roguish smile or quirk in a way that shows he's amused. Sandy brown hair is cut short on the sides and longer at the top, styled back at the top with a small amount of hair gel.


The Youngest

Clayton William Kable was born to Nicoletta De Luca and William Benedict Kable on Sept 13, 1908. He was the youngest of three, having both an older brother and sister. His mother was an Italian born baker from Bergamo, Italy where her whole family worked and breathed bread and other treats. His father was an English Soldier who had traveled to Italy before he enlisted and that is where he met Claytons mother. The Englishman begged but soon Nicoletta traveled back to Manchester, England with him where she became his wife and soon the mother of his children.

The Hidden Truth

What Clayton nor his siblings ever knew was that William Benedict Kable had a tie to another world; the Wizard world. While William had been born a Squib he still had some friends in the world of his childhood that he kept in contact with. Clayton nor any of his siblings were never told of this at Nicoletta's wish so he grew up as normal as he could knowing nothing of the other world that lurked just outside his vision. He attended church regularly and after he would listen to stories his mother told him of attending the large Romanesque church back in her home town, the Santa Maria Maggiore. As he grew, Clayton established a very strong bond with his older brother, looking up to the man and idolizing him.

The Death

In 1917 however, his brother left for London and on his 18th birthday enlisted to fight in WWI. He died on October 3rd, 1918; a month before the war ended. The family was devastated. The normally vocal and rambunctious boy retreated into himself and became a rather shy outcast. His sister married and moved to begin a life of her own and Clayton was left wondering what to do next. Much to his mothers dismay Clayton packed his things when he came of age and made his journey to London just as his brother had. He had no romance or family or job to leave behind, and less hobbies to bring with him.

The Pilot

He searched his options and soon enough was accepted into the Royal Air Force College Cranwell, after completing his studies, he accepted his Commission into the British Royal Air Force. His drive to succeed and will to fill his brothers shoes drove him and helped him in his training. Clayton was not driven so much to rise in rank as to simply do a good job and the one that was assigned to him, thus raising in rank slowly, only recently reaching the rank of Squadron Leader. He keeps in touch with his parents, who are still living well in Manchester, through mail as he attempts to make the most and the best of his life away from home. Not knowing still about the Wizard world or that his father still has ties in the Wizarding community to those who call him friend and have promised to keep an eye on the airman.


  • Wealth: Comfortable: The RAF pays him enough he can live a pretty comfortable lifestyle.
  • Code of Honor: He has a strict Code of Honor, as to what is and is not acceptable for a Officer, in the Royal Air Force.
  • Blunt: He doesn't beat around the bush, he will tell you just what he thinks, more then likely when he thinks it… unless you outrank him.
  • Risk Taker : Come on he is trained to fly plains and dog fight with them, of course he is a risk taker!
  • Loyal : As loyal as they come, once you have gained his trust, he will never betray you.

RP Hooks

  • RAF: Do you know him from Her Majesty's Royal Air Force?
  • Father: Did you know his father?
  • Muggle: He is a muggle, need one for a scene? I mean they are always good to have around!
    • Juggle: He can Juggle? Eh eh? Pretty cool right?
  • Chef: He can make some pretty amazing Italian Dishes!
  • Class of 1926: Clayton Graduated Secondary School in 1926
    • Electives: Italian, Art and Home Economics
    • Best Classes: Math, History and Biology
    • Clubs: Unofficial Baseball Team - The Crazy Eights


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The Enemy of Your Enemy Is Your Friend


Nicoletta (De Luca) Kable
Mother - I love my mother and her strong Italian heritage. She's kept the family together and strong despite all that life has thrown at us.


William Benedict Kable
Father - I take most after my father in personality and temperment. I look up to the thoughtful man, but it isn't hard to tell who wears the pants in my parents relationship.


Aldo William Kable
Brother/Deceased - My older brother was my idol. I only hope I can fill the shoes he left behind.


Cianna Alma (Kable) Moretti
Sister - I was never as close to my sister as I was my brother but I still love her just as much. She withdrew when our brother was killed and the next thing I knew she was married and gone. I don't know how I feel about her husband either.


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