Picking your poison.
Portrayed by Sophia Myles
Name: Clover Audrey Weaver-Macnair
Aliases: -
Birthday: May 27, 1902
Position: Healer
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Clover is not a tall woman, only standing at five feet four inches. She has blonde curly hair, that falls down past her shoulders, though it is normally kept pulled back in a bun to keep it out of her face. Her eyes are deep green and are kept under well manicured brows. Her clothing is always well made, though usually borders on simple and clean lines. However she is normally found in her Healer robe, and comfortable clothing underneath.


Jude Weaver came from a family of apothecaries and herbalists, so naturally you think that he would follow in his family's foot steps. However he decided to break the mold and join the Ministry of Magic in the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Jude was more interested in trading laws and agreements for magical plants than he was growing them and using their magical properties. It is through that department that he met Jeanette Rousseau. What started out as a heated debate about shipping dried herbs, turned into friendship, and eventually love.

They were married and blessed with two very talented daughters. Clover was their eldest, a quiet but very intelligent child. She was happy to stay in her room or lay outside with her books, studying anything she could get her hands on. Her younger sister Ivy was opposite. She was outgoing, excelled in dancing and music. She was the one who wanted all of the pretty dresses and expensive toys. While they were a very privileged and prestigious Pure Blooded family, Jude and Jeanette made sure that their girls did not grow up spoiled and greedy. It took some effort but the parents were happy with the way their daughters turned out.

With her love for knowledge, everyone was sure that Clover would end up in Ravenclaw, however the sorting hat placed her in Slytherin. Regardless, she excelled at her studies, taking an interest in Charms and Transfiguration. When she was in her third year Ivy joined her at Hogwarts but was sorted in the Ravenclaw. The on going joke in the Weaver house hold is that the Sorting Hat must of gotten the sisters confused when it assigned them a house.

When Ivy was 12, she got a really bad case of Dragon Pox over the Christmas Holiday. It was bad enough case that she was kept home from Hogwarts and put into St. Mungos. She recovered, but the damage was already done. After her illness it seemed that her constitution was weaker than it was before, and she had trouble fighting of the lightest of colds, even with the help of potions. It was then that Clover realized what she wanted to do with her life. She was fascinated by what she saw in St. Mungos, and declared at the age of fourteen that she was going to be a Healer.

The last few years of Hogwarts were spent bringing up her marks in Potions so she would be able to take them at the NEWT level. So while some of her House mates were planning on a long cushy spoiled life, Clover took all that she could for her NEWT courses and ended up leaving Hogwarts with high marks and starting on the fast track to becoming a Healer.

Clover was ready to start her life as a healer, and for the first three years of her being an apprentice, she absorbed all the knowledge she could, still ignoring a social life of any kind. It wasn't until she started to finally make rotations on the floor and get some piratical knowledge that she began to come out of her shell. She would spend time at pubs after her shifts ended, or go out dancing with the other apprentices. It was shortly after she became a Journeyman met an American man named Brendan Clark. He was older than her, by five years or so, and seemed to know so much about the world that she had yet to learn. He was also rich, far richer than the Weaver family had been in centuries. Needless to say she fell for the man and his luxurious life style. Soon she began to slack in her duties at St. Mungos. Missing lectures, skipping her shifts and round duties. She felt like she was actually living for once. Though things were not always perfect with Brendan, he was a man who was used to getting his way, and had great skills in verbal manipulation.

When Clover was reaching the middle of her Journeyman years, he proposed to her, in which she accepted. However there was a condition to the marriage, that they would be returning to his home country, and would build their life there. Slowly Brendan began to put the idea in her head that maybe she shouldn't worry about being a Healer, and he convinced her that she would have to start over in her career once they moved. She believed him of course, since he had no reason to lie to her.

It was a few months before the wedding that Ivy once again fell ill. While she had been in and out of St. Mungos since she recovered from Dragon Pox, this time it seemed like it would be her last. Clover was grief stricken, and devoted most of her time making sure her sister was comfortable in case the worst should happen. Even though her fiancee seemed to like her sister, he rarely visited the hospital, and mostly it was to usher Clover out to some event that he needed to make an appearance at. Determined to keep her sister alive, Clover began to research her symptoms, and after a few weeks, she managed to find what rare disease that her sister was suffering from. With the help of her former mentor, they were able to get Ivy back up and on her feet, just a few weeks shy of the wedding.

Relieved that the crisis was over, Clover was sad to realize that she would be giving all of this up. Seeing her sister ill as she was so many years ago, reminded her why she was doing this. Putting in the long hours at the hospital no longer seemed like a chore. When she brought up these feelings to Brendan, she was surprised when he became upset with her for wanting to stay in London. Feeling the full fury of his temper, Clover realized what sort of man that he was. She was able to put together all of the little pieces that she ignored due to her feelings for the man. Needless to say she called the wedding off, and Brendan kicked her out of his flat and moved back to America.

It took a while to pick up the pieces, but Clover was able to finish her Journeyman-ship and complete her Mastery. Now she spends most of her days working, keeping up the close relationship with her sister and the rest of her family. It wasn't until late one night at a stuffy St. Mungo's Gala that Clover finally let someone else into that close knit circle. Zephyr Macnair was a dashing ghost walking out of her past and distracting her from all of the droll and boring conversation that she had been stuck with all night. While Clover enjoyed their night together, she had a feeling that knowing his past, it wouldn't go further than that.

To Clover surprise, Zephyr had another thought in mind, and the two of them began secretly dating. By the time summer rolled around, Clover was surprised with a proposal on top of the Eiffel tower surrounded by both of their families. Relieved that she had seemed to gain the favor of Zephyr's mother and father, she agreed to marry him. They were married a few days later in Paris.

Shortly after their marriage, Clover's sister Ivy announced that she was pregnant, but was very sketchy with who the father was. Regardless of who knocked up her sister, Clover was worried though out the whole pregnancy, wondering if her sister would be healthy enough to carry full term. Thankfully Ivy was, and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy that she named Donovan.

However the pregnancy took it's toll on Ivy's body, and before Donovan reached his first birthday Ivy became ill once more. Once again Clover stayed by her side, but this time there wasn't much they could do to help her sister. In the summer of 1936, Ivy died. She left Donovan to the charge of her parents. Clover is still trying to recover from the loss of her sister, however it seems that Zephyr has proven to be a great distraction, as is the over sized mansion that he bought to be their family home.

Their son Tristan was born not long after they moved into the mansion, and with her nephew Donovan a constant presence, their large house was quickly filled with life. With the addition of Sophie and Claire as house maids/nannies, they fell into a comfortable and happy life. In the fall of 1939, Clover found herself pregnant again, and after a wild party at the Macnair mansion, both Sophie and Claire were as well. By June of 1940, Ivy, Sebastian and Ophelia joined the ever growing family.

RP Hooks

  • Master Healer: Clover has put in her time at St. Mungo's and raised herself to a Master Healer rank in the Plant and Potion Poisoning department.
  • High Society: She is from a rich pureblood family, married into another rich pureblood family. If there is an event going on where the cream de la cream is gathering, she'll be there.



Flirt Clover is a shameless flirt.
Friends in High Places Between her husbands business connections and her many years of services at Mungos, Clover has made a few valuable friends.
Wealth: Opulent Though the Weaver family was very rich in their own right, it's Zephyr's fortune that added in that extra bit of coin in the vault.
Family Name The Macnairs have made a name for themselves, as have the Weavers in some circles.
Perfectionist Weather it's paper work, the shelves in the stock room or just the way the tea is set upon the table, Clover likes things to be a certain way and will go out of her way to fix them.





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