This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Coffee now?
Portrayed by Bernard Cribbins
Name: Silvester Wayland Pickle
Aliases: Coffee
Birthday: March 28, 1860
Position: Newspaper Seller/Bagman for Crime Guy
Lineage: Muggle


Coffee is a rather normal looking, older fellow. His grey eyes peer out from his rather scruffy, slightly rounded face. At 5’9”, and somewhat portly, he often looks more like a cuddly grandfather than a stern patriarch. All of his hair, including his scruffy beard, is white, which is a testament to his age. No matter what he’s wearing, reading glasses can quite often be seen poking out of a pocket of one of his articles of clothing.


On March 28, 1860, Johnathan Pickle and Francine Pickle (nee Smith) had their third of what would become a total of five children. A minister and a seamstress respectively, they never had a dull moment in their household, between their children and their jobs. Silvester, as this third child came to be known, always seemed to have one foot out the door. Being the middle child, he constantly felt the need to do something particularly outlandish if he were to be noticed.

As soon as he became old enough to move out on his own, Silvester Wayland Pickle joined the military, becoming an enlisted man in the army. While he came to dislike the actual fighting, he found himself a home in the army. Though through his many graveyard shifts, he did gain the nickname ‘Coffee’, do to his incessant consumption of said beverage.

Eventually he was stationed in London and was placed as a drill sergeant there. It was then that he was to meet the woman who would become his wife. They were soon wed had themselves children, they couldn’t have been happier. Life progressed as it usually does, and he eventually retired, at a fine ripe age, from the army, and set himself in a little part time job selling papers, in order to keep himself busy. However, he began betting on horses. His gambling obsession got to the point where he owed more than he had. He was barely given any choice to repay his debts, he ended up working for the very man he owed, collecting on debts that others owed to him.


  • Fear of Clowns
  • Observant
  • Underworld Contacts
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • If your a Muggle or Muggle born, talk to me and keep me company!
  • Military or ex-military? I used to be in the Military!
  • Need a newspaper?
  • Are we related?
  • Like coffee related subjects?


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Harriet Pickle
She's my wife. Oh, how I love her dearly. She is certainly the light of my life. She has stood by me through thick and thin, and has patience beyond measure. Even after I came back from the Great War, she stood by my side. I was gone for a good few years then, too.


Ronald Kensington
He's my boss regarding the newspaper stand. He's a good fellow, him. Fair. Quite calm, too. Barely ever raises his voice unless he needs to.


Frenchie's this french lass I deal with as a go-between, a messenger of sorts, between me and the big boss. She's a French girl, who apparently has a liking for fancy French coffees…which has apparently made her interested in my name. Maybe that's why she was made my contact.


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