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While the FS3 system has combat code built in, it was not designed with magic in mind. As such, we are unable to use it in most instances. The rules that follow draw some from the FS3 system, but do not use code beyond the basic +roll commands.

Anatomy of Combat

Preparation: Determine the Referee

The first thing to determine in combat is the Referee. This is the person in charge of the mechanical aspects of combat. The Referee keeps everyone on task, makes rolls, decides what non-player characters are doing, and arbitrates disputes. If the scene is already being run as part of a plot, the plot-runner is typically the Referee (though the plot-runner can certainly defer those duties to another if desired).

Step 0: Initiative

Once the Referee is decided on, Initiative must be determined. This is the order in which characters will act. It is essential that the Referee keeps track of this order. Initiative order remains the same throughout combat, which is why this is "Step 0", as it is only taken once. Specific actions can be taken to change a character's position in the Initiative order.

Step 1: Declare Actions

Each turn, every player may declare one action that their character will take. Actions usually take up to a few seconds of time. Minor, incidental things like speaking, looking around, or opening an unlocked door are "free actions", and do not take up one's action for the turn.

Since there is no method of tracking positions in the game, movement is left very loosely defined. Movement within a turn is considered part of one's action, and is roughly estimated by the Referee according to the nature of the action. A character that is trying to pick a lock is obviously not going anywhere. But a character taking a defensive action to dive behind a crate should get the appropriate movement to get to their intended destination.

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