This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Prince Charming
Portrayed by Hunter Hayes
Name: Conall Byron Quinn
Aliases: Coby, Q
Birthday: Jan 13, 1921
Position: Hufflepuff, prefect, 6th year
Lineage: Pure-blood

"Caring is not about doing what you're asked. It's about being there when needed."Unknown


A rather slender body that shows that he has yet to grow further. Wide shoulders and chest enhances the slenderness of his abdomen and legs. His torso being a bit longer than the legs and with arms that are a bit larger than one might have expected from seeing the rest of him. Although by no means are they too large, still keeping his thin look. His posture and frame being rather good, with a strong back and neck.

His face is one of rather soft curves, though with seeable cheekbones. A bit coned shaped as he has a rather wide forehead and his jawline being narrow. Though ending on a rounded chin. A mouth that is thin but wide and enhances a sort of cute appearance to his demeanor. A straight nose sits in the middle of his face. Resting under his rather intense blue eyes, that has rather sharp edges. His brows frames around his eyes, sitting rather far down. Making his eyes look smaller, but keeping it's intensity. Upon his head rests blond hair that is often messy from being unattended.


Common Knowledge: A pure-blood from Belfast. Born from Quinns. A prefect in school and being in Hufflepuff. Used to be a seeker until he got injured late in his 5th year. Been in the arts club since he started, being quite a good singer. Highest grade in charms throughout his years. Can talk and be rather persuasive. Using charms and also has an eye for details. Though not a lot outside of school is known about him. Only obvious things that can be observed around school is actually known about him.



The broom that he uses is a Comet 140.


A Gibson guitar that he was able to scrap money for to buy. One of few things he has been able to buy after his father's accident. Although he had been saving for it since before the accident, he just got enough money to buy it afterwards.


Poe is Conall's snowy owl. He got him when starting school, which would be before his parents went broke.


Class Grade Class Grade
Charms O Charms
Transfiguration E Transfiguration
Defense Against the Dark Arts E Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic A History of Magic
Study of Ancient Runes E Study of Ancient Runes
Astronomy A
Potions A
Herbology A
Divination A
Arithmancy A

A good guy with a soft heart. Always wanting for people to be good. He has a bit of a charming approach perhaps, and often being the kind and helpful person. Though he isn't one to let people into his life and know too much about him. Hard working and ambitious. Wanting to be good at all he does. Do things, is something he most often does. Being quite the restless person.

RP Hooks

Performer Conall sings and plays guitar. Even started writing songs, acting and dancing. So perhaps you know one another.
Flying: A good flyer and used to be in the broom club, until his accident.
Charms: Charming indeed. Though also great at using charms. So ever need help with it, ask him. Or any other subject. Can't say no to try and need someone in need.


Restless: Always wanting to keep himself occupied. Be it studying, playing guitar, singing, quidditch or just hanging around with friends. Always something is needed to occupy his mind.
Self-contained: Not really one for sharing much about himself or his private life. He can still be warm and caring, he just doesn't seem to fond of having to rely on others or making them a part of his mess.
Soft-hearted: Kind and soft hearted. Wanting to be able to help those in need and sometimes even acts recklessly in doing so.
Wealth — Poor: His parents used to have it comfortable, but after his father got into an accident they has become rather poor. So he is not with them and trying to manage on his own. Though keeping such to himself.


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Damarek Quinn (Appable)
Father: Used to be an explorer until his accident.


Melia Quinn née Longford (Appable)
Mother: She used to look after the shop until they were forced to sell.


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