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The Spy
Portrayed by Imogen Poots
Name: Genevieve Cooper
Aliases: Cooper
Birthday: Feb 02, 1910
Position: Magical Law Enforcement
Lineage: Muggle-born


While perhaps pleasant to look at, there is nothing particularly memorable about this young woman. Standing at about 5'4", wisps of her blonde hair fall in soft waves about her face, the rest is tied up into a hastily tied bun, and whether it's up or down it's always messy. The light color of her hair and her blue eyes make her skin look on the paler side. But when she smiles there's an warmth that flows to all corners of her face.

Like all the outfits she wears, her attire is gender ambiguous and ill fitting. Her khaki trousers are definitely made for men, and her red sweater is oversized and lumpy. Her jewelry though kept sparse is fairly delicate and feminine. And a pair of thick framed brown glasses are constantly slipping down her nose.


Through old letters and little hints dropped by her parents Genevieve Cooper learned her mother and father were German immigrants who apparently fled for the UK just at Kaiser Wilhelm II assumed power. There are holes in the history, but they changed their surnames once they arrived for reasons she doesn't know to this very day. Even though they lived London, the Coopers kept their heritage very much alive and their daughter grew up speaking fluent German.

When the first World War broke out, there were concerns over Genevieve's safety in London, so they sent the four-year-old out to live in the Welsh countryside with her Aunt Ines. Despite Genevieve's insistence that her parents come with her, they always explained that they needed to stay in London for work and other ambiguous reasons. Although the separation crushed the little girl, living with her Aunt wasn't such a bad experience. Ines was a kind and affectionate middle-aged woman who cooked wonderful German food and nicknamed her 'Schatzi'.

By the time she was 9, the peace treaties were signed and seeing as Genevieve never heard from her parents in the entire 5-year span of her stay, she knew she'd never see them again. And it angered her until she realized why. Weird things happened at that age. Lids popped off jars when had violent sneezes. The walls of their cottage shook when she woke up from nightmares. Of course strange phenomena like this had happened since she was four, but she never thought much about it until they began happening everyday. It was then Ines decided to tell Genevieve about the world she really belonged to.

There was only so much her squib Aunt could teach her. The rest she had to learn at Hogwarts. Genevieve still believes the warmth she inherited from Ines is what sorted her into Hufflepuff. While she had a generally friendly demeanor, no one could ever remember her face and some tend to guess that's why she didn't become more popular. But she was very loved by those who did know her. Even if some of her professors couldn't recall her, she was still an above average student showing a particular passion and talent in transfiguration.


Cooper's wand is a supple, 11 3/4" cypress with a phoenix feather core.

Genevieve was as political as she was passionate though, and she read the papers religiously everyday, keeping informed of both magical and muggle issues. She joined a coalition of Hogwarts girls who spent parts of their summer and winter holidays joining rallies in London in the name of women's suffrage, and as a muggle-born she followed Gellert Grindelwald's campaign through Europe. She and her friends celebrated when suffrage was given to all women two months after they graduated, but given what was happening in wizarding Europe she had a hard time feeling too victorious.

While she had set in her mind to become a journalist, she couldn't ignore the Grindelwald massacres happening out east. And after a few months of correspondence wit her old transfiguration professor Albus Dumbledore, he subtly encouraged her to follow her gut and join the Law Enforcement department of the ministry. Only he warned that she "should be careful. Grindelwald is not a wizard to be taken lightly."

So the hitwitch track is the one Genevieve took with only her passion responsible for helping her rise up the ranks. Her swift and tiny frame along with her transfiguration skills made her rather useful in missions that required a bit more finesse. Even with her specialty, it was even harder getting recognition when no one could remember you. Unfortunately Commissioner Ogden's overly frustrated way of calling her "Cooper" seemed to be the only thing that stuck. Those in the ministry who do know her have no clue what her first name is anymore.

It was this very quality that made her a valuable asset for a certain mission. A certain dark wizard within Grindelwald's alliance fled from the UK to Germany, to rejoin the campaign. Wanting to find out more through this wizard, the ministry briefed the already fluent Cooper and sent her out with a small team of aurors to keep close watch over this man for two years. But witnessing the Nazi regime come to power in the country during her stay seemed to leave her with uneasy feelings. Feelings that the Grindelwald campaign gave her. Something went awry in the mission however, and Cooper and her team were found out. She was ambushed one night in her Berlin apartment and only an emergency portkey saved her seconds before her potential death. Upon her return to the Ministry in London, she learned only she and one other teammate survived.

In the following months, many in the department encouraged Cooper to join the Auror office. She just concluded an intense mission, she was of the inspector rank and she had all the right N.E.W.T.s. It only seemed like the next logical step. But she was distraught by the mission and vowed she was done with the MLE. Instead she went back to the country side where she cared for her now elderly and sick Aunt. Ines died not to long after, and while Cooper doesn't talk about what was said in those last days, she returned to London to join the aurorship. She's since finished her basic training and is now sharpening her talent for languages and espionage. They do give her an occasional assignment though.


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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Forgettable Face
  • Impish
  • Natural Linguist


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