This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Fades into the background under WhiteBishop's Control.

Character Information
Portrayed by Elena Satine
Name: Ariadne "Copper" Prince
Aliases: Fig
Birthday: Nov 06
Position: Arcanus et Varia
Lineage: Pure-blood


If she stood up, this small woman would probably only reach about 5'2"… Not exactly an intimidating height when one thinks about it. And there's no denying her gender either, as her lithe, athletic body is softened by a well-proportioned figure. She appears to be in her mid-twenties, perhaps, with a youthful face competing with more mature carriage.

Burnished red hair tumbles about her shoulders, left to shine with impeccable care. Her oval face is well anchored by molded cheekbones, an aquiline nose and full, gently rounded lips. Half hidden under the auburn smudge of her lashes, her eyes are a warm, bottle green, streaked sparingly with hazel and ringed with hunter.


Ariadne Prince was born, to a Cadet line of the Prince family. Her father, Dorian Prince is a successful Cursebreaker for Gringotts, while her mother, Evadne Bletchly, is witch from an equally pure-blooded line. Ariadne was their first daughter and last child of three. Her two brothers were Geoffrey and Graham. There were two years between each child. The family gets along well enough. They are affectionate with each other, but determined not to shame their family name. Their Prince family has always been wealthy, and Ariadne was raised with a couple of servants and many advantages. Naturally, most of the Prince fortune rests with the main line, but Dorian's work pays remarkably well in addition to his own inheritance. It's rumoured that this particular inheritance includes some sordid details in the past, but it's never spoken of openly.

Ariadne attended Hogwarts for her schooling, beginning her studies in 1925. A voracious intellect, she launched herself into Muggle Studies and Ancient Runes in addition to her usual studies. In particular, she excelled at charms and history of magic as well as performing admirably in everything else save herbology. She had an uncanny ability to kill whatever plant she was trying to rear. Much death. Much sadness. She elected to stay on after her OWLs and take three NEWTs: History of Magic, Charms, and Ancient Runes. She graduated in 1932, having never served as prefect or head girl due to her tendency to bend the rules a little too much.

Now that Ariadne has been on her own for seven years, she has taken to running a 'cozy' little shop in the Knockturn Alley (something that causes her parents some consternation) where she specialises in artifacts of obscure origin and design. It is rumoured that she might be able to procure that thing that someone's looking for, but all very hush hush and under the table. She has no family and is well-to-do of her own rights, having already paid back the loan she took out from her family to get started. She is at times aloof and solitary, at times suddenly full of mirth and familiarity. She is, however, whatever she wills to be. Her experiences have taught her that she shapes her own destiny. She is no one's puppet.

RP Hooks

  • Pure-blood. Exactly -where- does Copper come down on this topic? Find her, RP with her, and find out.
  • Artifacts and Oddiments. Looking for that rare gift for the witch or wizard who has everything? Perhaps Copper can help you out
  • Artifact and Magical Lore. Her knowledge of things arcane and dusty is pretty impressive. Need a consultant? Send word.


  • Morbid Curiosity
  • Moral Ambiguity
  • Tea Afficianado
  • Fence
  • Wealth: Well-to-Do


Logs featuring Copper Logs that refer to Copper



Copper and Beryl have done business before. Beryl sometimes comes across things that need extra care. Copper takes that extra care. Truth be told, Copper knows that she can count on Beryl. She trusts her, almost implicitly.


These two met once in the St. Mungo's, where Copper does consultant work regarding artifact-based 'side-effects'. After a while, they went on a couple of dates. Tea. Dinner. That sort of thing. Annoyingly, he's charming and attractive. He's moved in with her, much to the dismay Miggy's dinners. Recently, Copper's been seen with an antique piece of Goblin-made jewelry on her finger.


Dill is something of an old friend. They've crossed paths numerous times in the past, and perhaps even done a little business. It's entirely possible that Copper enjoys his company more than anyone else's. Also possible that she trusts him the most too.


Cyril is a new friend and a neighbour in Knockturn. He runs the Hoarde. They've chatted about topics ranging from the proper preparation of tea to the high cost of good living.


Big brother Geoffrey, though he mostly goes by Artus. He's a few years older, the eldest of the Prince children on her side of the family, and a fancy law enforcer. She's proud of him, loves him, hopes he'll keep safe and not poke his nose into her business.


This house elf has been in Copper's employ for quite some time. She's a talented cook and packs one hell of a magical punch. She's also rather fond of staying out of sight when company is over.


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