The Sterling Strumpet
Portrayed by Kate "Kato" Lambert
Name: Corina Silver
Aliases: Cora, Corina Argyll (alias), Ellydia Crouch (birth name)
Birthday: May 23, 1915
Position: Madam of Bordel Fantastique (public), Unspeakable (private)
Lineage: Half-blood

I'll meet you in the red room • Close the door and dim the lights
I will be yours truly • If indeed the price is right

Meet Me in the Red Room, Amiel



This elegant beauty is most notable for her alabaster complexion and long, fine locks of moonlight-white hair. Her large, blue-grey eyes are always glamourously made-up to give her an even more exotic appearance. Below an elongated nose sits a pair of full, pouty lips.

At five feet, seven inches, she is tall for a woman, with long, shapely legs. Though very slender-waisted, her voluptuous form is quite curvaceous, with rounded hips and full breasts. She accentuates her natural charms with carefully applied cosmetics and the scent of lavender.


Tiberius Crouch had always been a romantic and a dreamer. When he married Daphne Jones, a Muggle woman, his parents were aghast and he was quickly disowned. But he had big plans, and was certain he could make a grand life for his new family. Unfortunately, he wasn't the best planner, and most of his schemes for making it big ended with an ever-growing pile of debt. By the time his third child, Ellydia, was off to Hogwarts, he had creditors sending very scary men to collect what he owed. Maybe it was fear, but maybe it was a desire to protect his family that caused him to run.


Eight inches, pine, supple, with a dragon heartstring core.



Corina's pair of white canaries, Blanche and Fulbert, were given to her as a gift from a lover in Paris.


Daphne was left to take care of five children on her own. It wasn't long before she brought another man into the household, who she called the children's stepfather, even though they were never married. But Ellydia and her stepfather were like oil and water. Her time away at Hogwarts was a blessing, where she could forget about her troubles and focus on her studies like a good Ravenclaw should.

Taking some time for herself

After she turned fourteen, Ellydia went to live with her grandmother in London. Though her "Gran" was kindly, she was also old-fashioned and restrictive, always warning against a young lady going about unchaperoned. But Ellydia's independent nature got the better of her, and she would often sneak out to enjoy the city's nightlife. She reasoned that her grandmother didn't know that she was a witch, so surely Gran had underestimated her ability to take care of herself. But one fateful summer evening, a sixteen-year-old Ellydia found herself in the company of a man who took her to a drinking den. He enticed her with expensive desserts and plied her with alcohol. When she awoke the next morning, deflowered, she found that he'd left her a ten pound note — more money than she had ever seen in her life.

After her abrupt initiation into sex, Ellydia did not return to her Gran's home, or to Hogwarts, but rented a room for herself in London. While on her own, she made the acquaintance of Byron Argyll, proprietor of a pleasure establishment. She soon vacated her single room and moved into a suite, becoming Argyll's mistress. In her new position, she saw how tragic the lot of the common prostitute was, and vowed to practice her trade with higher standards. She intended to cater to lovers with the financial means to keep her in luxury. This is when she changed her appearance and started calling herself "Corina Silver," a name intended to resonate with the new identity she was trying to fashion.

She travelled for a time with Argyll, masquerading as a married couple. In Paris, she fell in love with the city — so much so that she sent Argyll back to England alone, while she remained for three years. She gained quite a reputation as a Parisian courtesan, but in the end, she fled for England again to avoid the wrath of an insanely jealous wife who also happened to be a powerful witch. Back in London, she secured for herself a suite at House Lorelei, and began rebuilding her reputation as an exotic and much desired courtesan.

The madam entertaining

Bordel Fantastique and Unspeakable Secrets

In 1939, Corina parted ways with House Lorelei and reestablished herself in the Mysticked District, opening her own brothel: Bordel Fantastique. When asked what prompted the change, Corina will simply shrug and say she was feeling stale and needed to do something new. The truth, however, is not so simple.

Among Corina's clients was an Unspeakable who was doing a study on the physical aspects of Love. This agent of the Mysteries found Corina to be far more than just a skilled lover; she had a keen mind and considerable experience in observing and manipulating emotions. In time, the Unspeakable approached Corina with a proposition, asking her to come work for the Department of Mysteries. It seemed that the Department agreed that Corina was in an excellent position to study an aspect of Love that often goes overlooked.

So, with the Ministry's backing, Corina established the Bordel Fantastique, where she now acts as Madam and secretly uses her establishment to study the relationship between Love, lust, and the many other emotions and motivations that are part of the brothel experience.


Corina is a prostitute. She has sex for money. This means some of the RP with her will deal with mature sexual themes. But she's also a dancer, a musician, a Ravenclaw, a reader of poetry, a socialite, and much more — the point being that not all of the RP with her will deal with sexual themes. In fact, most of it won't.

So, while this disclaimer serves as fair warning that this character will be role-played appropriately to her profession, it is also to point out that one shouldn't automatically expect that sort of thing when RPing with her.

RP Hooks

  • Courtesan: Corina is a courtesan — which is to say she's a classy prostitute. Her services are for hire, and do consist of more than being a bed warmer. As a courtesan, she is a semi-respectable companion, even for certain high society events. Of course, a woman of her calibre has her pick of potential clients. Not just anyone with a heavy purse will do.
    • Fame: Gained near celebrity status as a Parisian courtesan, before she left the city in 1936. In London, her fame isn't as great, but she has earned herself a reputation as a high-end lady of the night. Were you a part of the Paris nightlife? You might know of Corina Silver.
    • Madam: In December of 1939, Corina opened her own brothel on Whimzick Alley, known as Bordel Fantastique, catering to magical clients of many persuasions.
    • Ear to the Pillow: Looking for an informant? A woman in her profession hears many things from her clients.
    • Two Worlds: Though she primarily services the wizarding community, Corina also functions in Muggle society.
    • More Than Her Job: Just because she's a prostitute doesn't mean all of her encounters are about sex. Get to know the woman behind the courtesan!
  • Hogwarts Days: Though a loner at Hogwarts, she did have a few friends. Were you one of them? Will you be able to recognise the mousy Ellydia inside the glamorous woman she has transformed into?
    • Her electives at Hogwarts were Divination and Muggle Studies. She never took NEWTs, as she left school after her Fifth Year (1931).
  • Half-Veela Rumours: Corina is rumoured to be half-Veela…and she doesn't go out of her way to dispute it.
  • Unspeakable: Plenty about what Corina does for a living is unspeakable, but now it's more literal than ever. It is a secret to all but her employers, but Corina is an Unspeakable in service to the Department of Mysteries, studying the mystery of Love.


Elegant and poised in both manner and movement.
Hidden Past
Corina rarely acknowledges that Ellydia Crouch even existed, and is largely unrecognizable to those that knew her, due to a completely different persona and some extensive transfiguration work that has altered her appearance.
As an Unspeakable, Corina was trained in the discipline of shielding her mind.
She is devoted to the pursuit of luxury and pleasure.
Wealth: Rich
Aside from being an expensive escort, Corina is also the madam of a lucrative brothel. In addition, she is also secretly in the employ of the Department of Mysteries. All in all, this makes Corina a very wealthy woman.


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Such a pretty and intriguing creature, but so tightly wound. I shall do what I can to unwind her.


Darling little dove, my Zoe. It's so nice to be adored, especially be one so adorable.





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