hp.png Ashwinder Tiny Magical Beast XXX
Ashwinders are thin magical serpents with pale grey scales and glowing red eyes. They are born from the embers of magical fires that burned unchecked. Once they emerge, they find a dark place to lay their eggs, leaving behind a trail of ash. The ashwinder itself lives for merely an hour, after which it collapses into dust. The eggs are red in colour, and emanate intense heat, which grows until they ignite, burning any structure they are in (and possibly beginning the ashwinder life cycle anew).
ATTRIBUTES: Body: 1 Mind: 1 (A) Presence: 1 Reaction: 3
SKILLS: Awareness: 4 Combat: 3 Intrigue: 1 Magic: Stealth: 7
Fangs: Like most snakes, ashwinders have retractable fangs they can bite with. Ashwinders are not venomous.

Immune to Fire: Ashwinders are immune to heat and flame effects. In fact, they quite enjoy the intense heat.

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