hp.png House-elf Small Magical Being X
House-elves are three-foot tall creatures, typically bound into the service of a wizarding family or institution. They possess great magical power, for which they require no wand or incantation (though they must have their hands free to activate their powers).
ATTRIBUTES: Body: 1 Mind: 2 Presence: 1 Reaction: 2
SKILLS: Awareness: 5 Combat: 1 Intrigue: 2 Magic: 10 Stealth: 7
Apparition: House-elves can Apparate like a wizard, including Side-Along Apparition, but are unconstrained by anti-Apparition magic.
Binding Magic: A house-elf can produce a form of binding magic similar to an Incarceration Jinx, but without physical ropes.
Countermagic: House-elves are able to interfere with ongoing magical effects in the matter of a Lesser General Counter-Spell.
Levitation: House-elves can levitate objects through the air like a Levitation Charm
Loyalty: House-elves using magic directly in service to their masters (i.e. obeying a direct order or protecting a master) gain a +3 bonus to their rolls.
Knockback: House-elves produce a powerful Knockback Jinx.

Negation: Any lasting magical effects created by a house-elf can be negated if the elf is rendered unconscious.
Servitude: Any roll, magical or otherwise, made in defiance or to the detriment of a house-elf's master suffers a -5 penalty.

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