Character Information
Portrayed by Mark Strong
Name: Cruentus Vermilion
Birthday: Unknown
Position: Underworld Contact
Lineage: Vampire


Cruentus looks to be in his fourties, though his veiny, ashen skin and deathly visage make it difficult to determine. His aristocratic and solid form stands at 6'2". Short, dark hair is slicked back, framing an oblong shaped face, with darkly shadowed, dead eyes a hawk-like nose, and thin lips. His face is accented by hollow cheeks, a hard jaw, and a slightly pointed chin. He dresses in Victorian style, favouring a heavy black longcoat lined with fur.


The actual age of the vampire Cruentus isn't certain, and he isn't volunteering the information. The Ministry has records of vampires using the name Vermilion going as far back as the 16th Century, but whether they are Cruentus, or other members of his "family" is unknown. (As with many vampires, it is highly likely that the name he uses is not his original human name.) Regardless of his true age, it is unquestionable that he can measure his existence in centuries. He is known as a long time resident of London, and in particular, as one of the few links to the deepest shadows of the underworld, where only the Darkest Beings dare to tread.

Cruentus is careful to maintain a certain neutrality in all matters. He makes himself valuable as a source of information, and occasional goods, for both the denizens of the Dark, and their counterparts in the light. He rarely gives someone exactly what they ask for, but he has a reputation for honesty that serves him well. Of course, his services come at a price, but it is never money. Cruentus trades in two things only: favours, and blood. He gets away with feeding in this manner, because the blood is always given voluntarily…albeit by those desperate enough to seek his help.


  • Anachronistic
  • Honest Reputation
  • Mist Form
  • Wealth: Rich

RP Hooks

  • Cruentus is known as an informant, straddling the Dark and the rest of the magical world.


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The Chief Auror and Cruentus go back several years, to Worthington's early days as an Auror.


Cruentus has a working relationship with this one, and doesn't mind a bit of banter with the man.


Cruentus seems to put Auror Lee a little off-balance. Surely, it's unintentional….


Could it be that Cruentus takes a certain delight in pushing this straight-and-narrow Auror off the rails a bit?

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