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Character Information
Portrayed by Clive Owen
Name: Cygnus Black II
Aliases: Cy
Birthday: 1886
Position: Owner: Black Bestiary
Lineage: Pure-Blood


The first impression of this fellow is that he's a hard man in a good suit. His hair is dark, graying in the beard and at the temples, and his face is cut by weathered lines that seem to fall most naturally in patterns of wry disdain. He has avoided that softness around the midsection which seems to plague many other middle-aged men, and in fact nothing about him seems soft in any respect. His build is one created by a lifetime of work, wiry with age, hands thoughtlessly rough and nicked here and there by the ghosts of mysterious, long-ago injuries. His demeanor is one of confidence and control, but there's a sharpness to his gray eyes which suggests this control may have a tenuous leash.

His dark clothing is well-made and tailored appropriately, but with what appears to be a certain cavalier disregard for strict tidiness. His cheeks seem somewhat perpetually in need of a new shave, his collar loosened and never straightened out again, sleeves rolled up, robes often loose over practical clothing beneath. The fur of some unknown animal often clings to the fabric of his attire, a strand here and there, and not always in predictable colors. When outdoors, he wears a serviceable black hat, but it seems to maintain its precarious hold atop his seditious mane of hair only through good luck and grim determination.

He wears a black and gold ring on the ring finger of his left hand. It must have been striking once, but not unlike its owner, it has been scratched, scuffed, and worn over the trials and hazards of many long years.


Cygnus Black II was born in 1886 to Phineas Nigelus Black, and his father was a harsh man. When he was hurt, the boy ran, and he ran to wild things, creatures and animals. He saw in them beauty and wonder, and a world of ferocious magic. He saw how the animals were with each other - they did not know mercy. They did not expect kindness. They might be hurt, but they did not suffer. It made an impression. He was a bit of a feral child, but through great effort and much discipline for fighting, Cy eventually completed his education and was civilized into someone who could function in modern wizarding society. Shortly after graduation, where of course he had specialized in the care of magical creatures, Cy accepted a position as a Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures agent at a notable dragon preserve. There may have been an incident in which a rival got eaten by a dragon associated with Cy, but it can't be proven.

Following this particular incident, Cy settled down with a witch he'd met at the RCMC, and they married, together established Black's Bestiary. They had four children, and life was good until the third child, Marius, failed to show signs of magical ability. Cy's wife Violetta took this failing particularly hard, and slowly fell into a deep state of depression. One day in 1925, when Marius was 7, Violetta was found to have died peacefully in her sleep. The children were all told her death was accidental… but Cy knew his wife's skill with herbs and potions, and he bitterly suspected a different truth. He did his best for a time, but eventually, the inevitable occurred: Marius was not invited to Hogwarts. For Cy, it was the final straw, and years of anger, pain and blame boiled over one night into an assault against his own child.

This time, it had to end. There was no life for this boy, not crippled like this, and he knew what had to be done. Marius, understandably, disagreed — he defended himself in a panic with a lantern's fire, and fled. Cy walked away and let their home burn down. Since that day, Cygnus Black has lived quietly, tending his "pet" shop, interfering in the lives of his remaining children, and sardonically disapproving of most people, things, organizations, societies, cultures, and general human affairs.


  • Purist
  • Prefers Dangerous Animals
  • Rage Issues
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Owner of the Black Bestiary on Knockturn Alley.
  • Do you want a dangerous animal or magical creature? I won't ask too many questions.
  • Do you want a dangerous or magical creature you're not supposed to have? I definitely don't know anything about that, but come back after hours.
  • Do you want a nice, safe, or normal creature? You're boring and you should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Are you non pure-blood? Feeling stymied in your persecution complex because everyone is really nice? I can help.
  • Are you an irritating young person looking for an apprenticeship among dangerous and magical animals? I have cages for you to clean.
  • Are you my family? I'm completely disappointed in you.


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Violetta Black nee Bulstrode
Dearly Departed Wife - Since she died in 1925 Cy's been all the more disconnected from society. She was the beautiful leash and collar on the wild Cygnus.


Eldest Son -


Daughter-In-Law -


Grandson -


Granddaughter -


Cygnus III
Grandson -


Eldest Daughter - Second Child


Youngest Daughter -


Son-In-Law -


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