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Better Than You Since 1907
Portrayed by David Beckham
Name: Cyril Azrael Malfoy
Birthday: September 19th, 1907
Position: Owner of The Hoard, Retired Mercenary/Thief
Lineage: Pure-blood

"He's a warrior, born a century or so too late. His interests run to war, and violence, and pain." -Alis' thoughts on Cyril

The bit of Rome that was left behind in Egypt that Cyril can be seen flipping about at almost all times.


Before you stands a man that is positively rippling with muscle. While he's not a particularly large man, only standing at about five foot, eleven inches, he looks solid as a rock. Platinum blonde hair covers his head and is styled sticking up all over the place, giving him that 'I don't care' look. He has a handsome face that is quite exotic as his eye are the color of gold bullion that is complimented well by his bronzed skin. He walks with a bit of a hitch in his step, most likely from some old injury. He is draped in the finest fashions that money can buy; a charcoal grey, silken suit with a black shirt underneath with the collar left open. When he speaks, it is with a cold, dignified English accent.


To call Cyril an unconventional Malfoy would only be telling a part of the story. While not as outlandish as being sorted into Gryffindor like Edwarlinda, Cyril has had his fair share of strange quirks. It was first obvious that something was unique about the kid when he first hit the dueling floor at Hogwarts. Unsurpassable on the stage, Cyril quickly garnered the respect of the rest of Slytherin house through a mixture of brute force and cunning. The next sign was his unshakable interest in Muggle warfare throughout history. One would hardly ever see Cyril walking the hall without some sort of textbook on warfare. He graduated in 1924 with top marks.

After graduation, Cyril began to travel abroad in the Muggle world. At first, his parents simply thought he was sewing his wild oats, but it was eventually uncovered that he was offering his services as a gun for hire, furthering the aggression throughout the Middle East. He eventually garnered a reputation within the fertile crescent as the sort of man you'd hire if you wanted to win a battle…on fair grounds or not. After spending several years, the most recent of which were in Egypt, as a member of a crew devoted to helping fight off the Medjai that guarded the tombs while the archaeologists raided them, Cyril had returned to London, where he had hoped to rest on his laurels for a while and spend some time with his family.

RP Hooks

  • Lover of Ancient Wars - Come, have a chat with me about Muggles and their bloody disagreements.
  • Tattooes - Cyril has a wealth of markings about his body from nearly every place he's been.
  • Heart in the Middle East - Despite adding fuel to the fire of their turmoil, Cyril has a soft spot for the Middle Eastern people.
  • Vain - A bit self-explanatory, isn't it?
  • Sociopathic Tendencies - Do you enjoy being the play-thing of someone who knows that they're better than you? You'll just adore Cyril, then.


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  • Wealth: Opulent - He's a Malfoy. Does that answer your question?
  • Famous Family - It's funny how fame and infamy can often go hand in hand, ey?
  • World Traveler - I been everywhere, man. I been everywhere.
  • Multilingual - Throughout his travels the man has picked up a few languages. Feel like having a conversation in Afrikaans? Arabic? Egyptian? German? Hebrew or Turkish?



Daughter You ever have on of those things that just sort of bounces into your life and turns things completely on their head? Well, that's Aris. She showed up one day without warning after her mother died. Cyril sees a lot of himself in the young girl, and while that may worry him at times, he's dedicated to being a good father to her.


Och, she's a doll. It's a shame she's a Gryffindor. Absolutely appalling choice for the Hat. It should be rounded up and put down.


Things have cleared up between Cassius and Cyril as of late. They've stopped butting heads so much and now they actually seem to get along like brothers.


She's a fiery little one. There's a lot of Cyril in her. There's even more Edwarlinda.


The little mouse Cyril used to torment is now up and living with his brother Cassius. Cyril respects the girl and feels awful for the way he treated her. Perhaps he will make moves toward making an apology.


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