Character Information
Portrayed by Preston Bailey
Name: Daedalus Constantine Mulciber
Aliases: Dae
Birthday: November 14th, 1929
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


This young boy seems to be around eleven years old, and were he able to stand he'd probably be around four and a half feet tall. He seems quite skinny, almost to the point of frailty, though he doesn't look unhealthy in the general sense. He has straight brown hair that hangs to about his ears, and dark brown eyes. He's currently wearing a dark brown vest with a diamond pattern of white lines. Under this, is a white shirt, buttoned up to the neck. Covering his legs is a pair of black trousers. Finally, on his feet is a pair of black shoes. The shoes look completely unused. Dae is currently sitting in a wheelchair. It looks like a pretty normal wheelchair, just a seat between two very large back wheels and a couple of much smaller front ones, except for a few extra levers on the sides and what looks like some kind of clockwork motor between the wheels.


Daedalus Constantine Mulciber was born in a pretty normal pureblood boy. He was extremely intelligent, though that was generally normal in his family. His father, Epeius Mulciber, was a genius as well, an inventor. He wasn't the warmest father, but Daedalus knew from as far back as he could remember that his father loved him. His mother, Xatannah, was an auror, and made up for his father's apparent lack of emotions with an exuberant and sassy attitude. Daedalus also had two older siblings. Clarissa, who was just a little older and whom he got along best with, and Locks, or Ameinocles, who was much older but a bit of a hero to Daedalus.

When Daedalus was just a baby, Clarissa got very sick. Daedalus was too young to remember, but she almost died, and the family spent most of their fortune on looking after her. But this would prove to be one of the things that most bonded brother and sister. When Deadalus was four, he took it upon himself to be like his mother, and got into her potions. Nobody would ever be quite sure what mixture he made, but it resulted in a magical explosion that left him nearly paralyzed. After a long stay in Saint Mungo's, he was able to move his legs and still feel some sensation, but they would no longer support his weight. Their shared experiences of long stays in the hospital, and long recoveries, bonded Daedalus and Clarissa.

It took him a while, but Daedalus adapted to life in a wheelchair. He was a problem solver, and he developed a never give up attitude in figuring out how to live his life. Still, he needed help. It became the primary duty of the family house elf, Voopy, to look after Daedalus. Until that point, maybe had been just a servant, but soon Daedalus began to think of the elf as his friend. Looked after, he was able to grow up a bit more normally, so when his sister and her friends went outside to play, he often stayed inside. Though he had his family's knack for invention, it was art that most caught his interest. By the time he turned eleven, he already knew he was a storyteller, and loved telling stories with both words and paint.

RP Hooks

  • Wheelchair Bound: Wheelchairs, even custom-designed magical ones like his father made for him, can draw many different reactions. Daedalus has been in his chair long enough to grow patient with questions, which could lead to interesting discussions, though he's not yet used to dealing with bullies.
  • Stories: Daedalus is a storyteller. His stories are still childish, often starring the people he likes in good roles and those he doesn't in bad roles. Maybe you're hearing or reading one of these stories, or perhaps starring in them?


  • Determined
  • Ambitious
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Disability


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Epeis Mulciber
Father: (1884 - ?) He's my dad. He doesn't smile too much, but that's just because he's not good with emotions. He still has them. He's always looking out for me. ((Open for Creation.))


Xatanna Mulciber nee Moody
Mother: (1898 - ?) My mom. She's an auror, and always comes home with the best stories. ((Open for Creation.))


Sister: (1928 - ?) She just started Hogwarts last year. I really miss her, but I'll get to see her in the summer, and I'll be going too soon! ((Open for Creation.))


Brother: (1923 - ?) Locks is very smart. He's so much older than me we don't talk as much as I do with Clarissa.


House Elf: He looks after me at home. I know humans and house elves aren't usually friends, but he's mine. ((Open for Creation.))


Class of 1948

Aiden Eileen Hamish Helbert Karl Kevin Matilda Moira William


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