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The Other One
Portrayed by Frankie Muniz
Name: Dalaigh Bryan O'Hara
Aliases: Pronunciation: Day-lee
Nickname: Dale
Birthday: Mar 04, 1922
Position: Petty Criminal
Lineage: Half-Blood


Nearing the end of his teenage years, Dalaigh has reached his full height of 5'11". A crown of walnut brown hair tops his head, typically in a state of disarray with pieces sticking up from it's natural curl. Dark brows arch over ice blue eyes, which tend to regard his surroundings with something of a calculating cast. His nose is unremarkable if a little crooked, and thin lips seem perpetually smirking. His build is lean and muscular, and he never slouches.

The young wizard's attire leans toward the plain and nondescript, nothing that draws particular attention nor is it very memorable. Dale will never be mistaken for a businessman, owning only one suit that he wears only on the best of occasions, and is typically clad in plain twill trousers held up with suspenders over a plain, button down shirt that was once white but is now more of an ecru from wear. Over this, situation warranted, he wears either a set of plain grey robes with black trim, or a somewhat tatty leather jacket. Despite none of his clothing looking new, it still seems in fairly good repair and of some quality. The same goes for his boots, which have clearly seen better days, but are whole and usually free of dirt although they are seldom polished. The only thing that might be remembered as departing from the usual is a plain silver band that he wears around his left thumb.


At the end of Fifth year, and to the protests of his mother, Dalaigh decided he'd gotten all he needed from Hogwarts. His plan had never been to enter a 'profession', a concept he'd always considered contrary to the ways of a Traveler (although a part of him does admire Colton for going on for two more years and taking a 'day job' as it were). He returned to the family fold, joining in with his sister Simza brewing potions. He continued to learn from her, each falling easily back into old habits of pushing to be better and go further with their knowledge. The youngest O'Hara also returned to spending his time in musical pursuits, which was, actually, mostly in the pursuit of separating others from their money for his playing. He'd missed the travel that Hogwarts had restricted for him, and took great pleasure in returning to his wandering roots.

The Muggle war has had an impact on the family, it being not quite so easy to cross borders anymore. They still manage, but it's a bit more of a risk, and often times not worth the consequences of the action. People, Muggles mostly, are also tighter with their purse strings in these days of rationing and doing without. Lately he's been in England more often than not. He does odd jobs, both legal and not quite so, sometimes resorting to accompanying Kenyon to what would loosely be called 'boxing matches' where the betting can, at times, net them a tidy sum to contribute to the family funds. In general, the young Gypsy lives to please himself and serve family as he is able, with few worries aside from those.


  • Wealth: Poor
  • Outcast: Irish Traveler
  • Liar - Dale can spin a tale with the best of them, and be rather convincing about it.
  • Morally Flexible - While he plays it fast and loose with the law, there are things Dale draws a line at.

RP Hooks

  • Hogwarts Alumni: Dale was a Ravenclaw in the class of 1940, although he left school after his fifth year.
  • Street Performer: When the Quinnland Clan is in town, Dale can often be found busking on the streets for change.
  • Petty Criminal: Fairly adept at picking a pocket or distracting the rubes so others can.


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Mickey O'Hara
Father: A man that Dailigh has always looked up to and admired. It's from his father that Dale has gotten his tendency toward big plans, but the boy lacks something in the actual ambition and drive of his sire to see many carried out to a fruitful end.


Zatalya O'Hara nee Dalca
Mother: Zatalya remains the most important woman in Dale's life, having taught the boy all he knows about compassion and love. He's learned from her, as well, the art of when to be silent and listen, and when to speak up in a relatively tactful way.


Eldest Sister: With both of them being travelers, Dalaigh hasn't gotten to see Nadya as much as he'd like in these years since leaving school. He has kept up the habit, however, of frequent letters, the pair sharing their experiences and taking particular delight in family gatherings when it seems just like old times never ended.


Simza O'Hara
Elder Sister: Since leaving Hogwarts, Simza has been a large influence on Dalaigh once again. While his formal training has ended, he joined her in her potion work, continuing to learn from her. The past years have held adventures like they shared in their time at Hogwarts together, laughing at mistakes (especially the one that saw Dalaigh's eyebrows singed off by the potency of one potion he misjudged the ingredient mixture of) and cheering at triumphs.


Kenyon O'Hara
Older Brother: Kenny has had his own influence on Dalaigh, and has, in turn, also taught things to the youngest of the siblings. Nothing to do with magic, as Kenyon is not so gifted, but he is extremely gifted in the art of using his fists. All through his life, Dale has learned from Kenny how to protect himself mainly, but there have also been the abject lessons in when it is necessary to be the aggressor. Not nearly as adept as his older brother, Dale still manages to hold his own more often than not, and, lets be honest, is not above the use of a trick or two when it's necessary. Street fights are seldom fair fights.


Cousin: Thick as thieves, this pair once were. They haven't been quite so close since Dalaigh left school and Colton continued on, but correspondence sporadically passed between them and there were the family summers for the boys to take up where their mischief had left off. Now that they both have Hogwarts behind them, they still haven't had much more time together, but at least they have more of an option now.

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