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Character Information
Portrayed by N/A
Name: Dandy
Aliases: Dan
Birthday: May 06
Position: Housekeeper
Lineage: House-elf


This house-elf stands a proudly at a bit under 3 feet in height a few inches under though who's counting? He has very brown colored skin perhaps about the color of cookie batter. His head is round but rather large for fitting on narrow shoulders. He has bright hazel colored eyes full of expression. On top of his head or rather to the sides his ears stick out drooping ever so slightly from length, but still they move with his mood. He has been lucky enough to be treated fairly well and the clothes he wears while still the mark of house-elf enslavement is up-kept and comfortable.


The house-elf Dandy was born to already serving house-elves his father Lanky and mother Kiley. They worked for the rather wealthy Max family and had done so for many years prior to him being born. He was their only child though this allowed them not to shrug their duties and as well teach Dandy all he'd need to know about being a house-elf and to work for the family. A number of years went on this way for the young elf. He was still simply learning and doing little tasks where he was able to help. It was on his eighth year that things changed with the birth of another child Veruca Max.

Though he had long gotten to know the family as much as was proper to be able to do so, it was different with her she was different even from her younger years onwards. Of course he never shrugged any of his duties but perhaps trying to be extra helpful to her in particular. He grew up himself in this manner taking on more of the work as he grew but still always a special place for the fourth child in the line of now seven. It was hard on him when she went away on her eleventh year as she would for the next seven to school, but he'd be quite glad to see her on holidays and the like when possible an extra treat in hand to offer.

The harder of the blows was yet to come when school was out. She would be leaving and moving out to find her own way. Of course his quality of work never slipped but his parents knew something was wrong and likely the family too based on a slightly less chipper Dandy. He was still proud to serve and do his best though and still a number of years went by with only occasional meetings. He didn't know it at the time, but events would shape to cause another large change in how his life would be. When Veruca got married, her family may not have been thrilled, but finally something to do with a spare elf for they hardly needed three. Dandy was ordered to go and work for her and her new husband.

RP Hooks

He works for Keenan and Veruca perhaps you've come over and have met him before

He might be sent out for something in the alley for his Mistress and Master, perhaps you've seen him here?


  • Loyalty: Veruca O'Shea
  • Gullible
  • Humble
  • Overambitious
  • Wealth: Destitute


Logs featuring Dandy Logs that refer to Dandy



I worked for her family, and now I work for her. She has always been my favorite of the Max family. Lady O'shea Ma'am!


I know work for him and his wife Lord O'shea Sir! Though he doesnt seem to know what to do with Dandy, i'll win him over.


Dandy's father they got a long rather well and he learned from him, but he's also glad that he's been sent to help his present family.


Dandy's Mother she always thought it odd that he found such an affinity to a single member of the house they served but still loves and cares for Dandy

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