Character Information
Portrayed by Sam Claflin
Name: Daniel Smith
Aliases: Danny
Birthday: July 13, 1918
Position: Bouncer
Lineage: Muggle-born


Standing at 5'11", this young man cuts a solid figure with the athletic build of a muggle boxer. The waves of his hair go from dark brown at the roots to auburn at the tips. His hair seems tousled and swept back by a recent wind. He often wears a grey fedora, pulled low to shield his murky green eyes. The angular edges of his jaw are hard, and bear a slight second day stubble.

Over a tailored white shirt with sleeves rolled to his elbows, he wears a grey waistcoat. Wide-legged slacks of the same grey hue are held up by a leather belt. His leather shoes shine with a recent polish.


Daniel was born on July 13, 1918 in London to muggle parents, the youngest of their three children. His father, Henry Smith, was known to high society as a successful businessman. Most assumed Henry’s wife, Lillian, to be the daughter of an obscure noble family. In truth, both she and her husband were Romanichal – gypsies of the British Isles. Lillian’s skills as a con artist were matched only by those of her husband. Concealing their identity through a vast criminal network, Henry and Lillian orchestrated robberies and dealt with crime organizations throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. As with his siblings, Daniel’s early education was split between private tutors in London and his uncles and cousins on the open roads. His parents had high expectations for each of their children, but when they learned of Daniel’s magical talents, their ambitions soared into to a new world of possibilities.

At Hogwarts, Daniel was sorted into Gryffindor. Though his mind was keen and cunning, the Sorting Hat sensed a bold inner-nature, driven by intense emotion. Encouraged by his parents, Daniel joined the dueling club in his second year, and he took Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes in his third year. Though he made many friends at Hogwarts, few knew about his heritage. None ever learned of the ambitions or expectations of his parents. Their true dealings are kept secret from muggle and wizarding authorities alike. In preparation for stepping into the magical underworld, Daniel chose Ancient Runes, Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts as N.E.W.T.s.

After graduation, Daniel leveraged contacts he’d made during his school years and found work in Wolfgang Montague’s mob faction. He soon carved a reputation as a reliable runner. Though quick to laughter and slow to anger, he proved dangerous, even brutal, when necessary. After less than a year, Wolfgang made him a bouncer. For the past four years, Daniel has handled whatever the needs of the night might be, enforcing Wolfgang’s will in the Nightclub and beyond. He has proven his loyalty and commitment to Wolfgang's operation, even picking up some Italian to keep up with some conversations. He makes good money, and his solid work has put him well in Wolfgang’s good graces, affording him living conditions that would have been beyond his financial reach.


Friends in Low Places To achieve his aims, Daniel has built and cultivated many connections in both the wizarding and muggle underworld.
Over-Protective There aren't many individuals Daniel allows close. But the few friends he has, he fiercely protects.
Volatile Though Daniel is quick to laugh and doesn't take much of life too seriously, he's a dangerous man. Few ever see his more violent nature coming.
Wealth: Comfortable It pays decent to work for Wolfgang. Daniel can afford whatever he needs and whatever rare luxury he might want.

RP Hooks

  • Underworld Mobster: Daniel works for Wolfgang Montague, a very prominent figure in the Underworld/Mafia.
  • Wicked Dancer: On the Natrix dance floor, Daniel has left many a partner breathless.
  • Romanichal: It isn't common knowledge, but Daniel maintains ties with his gypsy relatives.


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Boss: It's a rare pureblood that knows his way around the muggle world as well as the wizarding one. And he was willing to give me a chance. I know I wouldn't have had that chance with his father. Also, damn, can that man sing.


George Smith
Father: What he has accomplished in the muggle world is astonishing. He expects me to achieve nothing less in the wizarding world. However, he respects that we are different people, and that our circumstances are quite different. He listens to me, and I couldn't ask for a better father.


Lillian Smith (née Doe)
Mother: It seemed she understood the wizarding world faster than I did. She poured over my textbooks and still maintains a subscription to the Daily Prophet. But pretending to be a witch without magic is like carrying an unloaded gun. And she understands that too.


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