Character Information
Portrayed by Hal Holbrook
Name: Daveth Crabbe I
Aliases: Primus
Birthday: February 17th, 1850
Position: Business Owner - Praedico Predico
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Salt and Pepper hair is longer, swept back away from the face and parted then along the side. The excess of his brow now stands proudly before his eyes in a sharp upturn. His jowls hand somewhat slack in his age but his mouth remains a severe line to give his gaze a weight. The sallow wash out of his skin is mottled with the discoloration of age.

The man has kept the fashion of his prime years, hosting a fitted jacket with a brocade vest beneath. It is set off with a loose bowtie knotted at the center of his neck. Trousers are worn and a pair of worn shoes set with high polish. The gentleman wears a pocket watch from his vest pocket.


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  • Stodgy
  • Crabby Old Man
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Patriarch - Daveth is the head of the Crabbe Family.
  • Business Owner - Praedico Predico is a store in the Mysticked District that sells lucky charms, fortune talismans, and amulets, as well as fish for use in the divination practice of ichthyomancy. The fish are provided by his younger brother whom manages the family business Crabbe Fishery.


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Davide Crabbe
Father: (1828 - 1921) Pure-Blood.


Lilleth Crabbe nee Rousseau
Mother: (1728 - 1919) Pure-Blood.


-?- Crabbe nee -?-
Wife: (b. 1851) Pure-Blood.


Daveth Crabbe II "Dave"
Eldest Son: (b. 1871) Pure-Blood.


Callista Crabbe nee Bletchley
Daughter-In-Law: (b. 1877) Pure-Blood. Married to Dave and gave him three children. Davie (Daveth III), Wilhelmina and Irma.


Daveth Crabbe III "Davie"
Grandson: (b. 1896) Pure-Blood.


Wilhelminia Lowe nee Crabbe
Granddaughter: (b. 1902) Pure-Blood. Wilhelminia married Anthony Lowe and they have a daughter Esther.


Granddaughter: (b. 1904) Pure-Blood. Irma married Pollux Black and they have three children, Alphard, Walburga and Cygnus Black III.


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