This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

The Voice of the People
Portrayed by John Cusack
Name: David Thomas Smith Jr.
Aliases: -
Birthday: Jan 25, 1908
Position: Radio Host
Lineage: Muggle-born


This man stands at about five foot eleven with an average build. He's not overweight, but it doesn't look like he works out a lot, either. He looks a little world-weary, the stress from life causing him to look aged beyond his years. He's still an attractive man, but hard living has left its mark on his features with deep creases and an all-around tired look. He's dressed pretty well, a simple jacket worn over an plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans that look like they've seen better days. When he speaks it is with a smooth, well-controlled Southern accent.


David Thomas Smith Sr. was the patriarch of an upper-class family down in Tupelo, Mississippi. In the heart of the blues movement, David was a huge fan of the music of the time as it's hard to go anywhere in Tupelo without seeing or hearing someone sing about their troubles and heartache. Their storytelling abilities and general finesse when it came to entertaining a bar full of people with the saddest of songs really struck a chord with the man who had grown up in the wake of the Civil War. After essentially being run out of the the state for being a supporter of the anti-slavery movement, David moved to London, where he hoped he would be able to re-start his business as a textile manufacturer.

The family arrived in London and lived a pretty low-key lifestyle there for the first year, while David Sr. was busy trying to purchase land and acquire materials and labor for his new plant. It was during this year that David and his wife conceived a child. After nine long months of growing a baby and building a plant, David Thomas Smith Jr. was born. He was homeschooled, as the family had more than enough money to procure several governesses and David Sr. even taught the boy how to play the guitar and teach him about the blues. It was at age ten, though, that David Jr. began showing signs of magical affinity, and was subsequently whisked away off to Hogwarts. A bit of culture shock going from homeschool to boarding school. Especially with that funny, Southern accent of his.

David did finally acclimate, though. He wasn't exactly popular, but wasn't exactly shunned either. He was one of those weird American kids that nobody really knew anything about. As time went on and people got older, he slowly gained a small circle of friends and a few girls who went gaga over the Southern boy with a penchant for reciting poetry and singing the blues. Life was good. David had an absolute love for Muggles that kinda set him apart in his later years of school. It wasn't the patronizing 'aww, the Muggles are so cute and we should take care of them' kind of love, but more of an absolute understanding of their various cultures and motivations. He simply respected them. An entire race of people that, without magic, manages to get through each dark and dreary day without whining or complaining…but that would sit down and write, compose and create beautiful works of art out of their sorrows. Sure, they've got their failings, but what group of people doesn't?

After graduation, David began working for a radio station pulling records and checking equipment. As time went on, he garnered more and more responsibilities until the time came when he actually earned his own little time-slot. It was during this time that the cigarette addled voice of David would pierce through all of the meaningless chatter. Now that he's thirty, he's finally cemented his spot as the head DJ and has time to vent his frustrations in between long blocks of music. A lot of people disagree with David these days, as the Grindelwald movement grows stronger and stronger, but it's obviously not enough to kick the DJ off the air.


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  • Voice Like Velvet
  • Anti-Grindelwald
  • Alcoholic
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Famous



Maureen and David were friends through their Hogwart's years and recently rekindled that friendship when Maureen moved to Hogsmeade. David has a soft spot for Maureen and Maureen enjoys being around him. Somehow the pair never seemed to make anything happen though.


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