Character Information
Portrayed by Gene Kelly
Name: Declan Shadforth Pearce
Aliases: Shad
Birthday: May 11
Position: Accountant
Lineage: Muggle


A well kept man in his late twenties, standing at just over five foot five, with a bright white smile. His short black hair has been slicked down keeping it well out of the way of his dark brown eyes. He's dressed in a rather simple grey suit with a spotted red bow-tie, and has a rather thick Irish accent, that's poorly hidden.

He has somewhat well toned muscles, and his hands look like they've seen a good deal of work over the years, with a few dings and old scars. Over all even in his nice suit it's not difficult to tell he doesn't fully belong in the city.


Declan was born to a large family of farmers in rural Ireland. He lived with his parents, Ciara, and Padraig Pearce, their parents Daithi and, Janette Shadforth, Odhran, and Hannah Pearce, and regularly hosted for even further extended family. They also had a number of local workers who came and went only staying at the farm for as long as they helped with the jobs no one else wanted to do before moving to the next farmstead. He had four brothers Feilim, Breandan, James, and Jarlath each and every one of them having to pull their own weight out on the farm from the days they first learned to walk. It was a very tight nit group, and even with people coming and going be it from extended family, or the workers it was the only life he knew.

Every morning they would wake up early, do their chores, then go to school only to come back and work out on the farm. At night the four boys all slept in one big room, away from the rest of the family, and while they would play fight or talk about this or that all Declan wanted to do was read through his grandfathers old mathematics books. He loved everything about the subject and even managed to be 'granted' the 'honor' of doing most if not all of his brothers homework. When the Irish war for independence rolled around Declan was only 10 years old. The fighting tore apart his tightly nit family, and in the chaos the farm was burned down, killing a large swath of his family in the process. The surving members of the family grew even closer, rebuilding the farm. During his schooling Declan met, Rikst Sars and they fell in love, giving birth to twins a girl and a boy Kari, and Quinlan. She left school to help take care of the two while he went on to collage. She was tragically struck down while attending a football match with the twins. Though grief-struck Declan stuck with his studies, becoming even more protective of his children, and managed to still receive his masters degree in accounting.

When offered a job fresh out of collage as an accountant for Decca Records Studio Declan lept at the chance, moving away from the remains of his family and into the city to start a new life far away from all the death and destruction. The hours proved long but he did everything he could to provide the best life he could for his two children. He became overly protective of the two, running himself ragged for years trying to balance his work, with being a single father. He found himself given very little time or money for any personal hobbies, but it was all worth it just to see their smiles. Despite making rather decent money, and rising up the promotional ladder, most of his funds were spent on the children, sitters, toys, anything he could to try and keep them happy and healthy at the expense of himself he wanted to give them the world. He hardly noticed the strange almost magical little incidents that tended to happen around the two, or rather he just blocked it out from his mind. Although the idea of letting his babies out of his sight terrified him, the moment he was told of his late wife's own magical upbringing he couldn't fight against it any longer. He hated to let them out of his sight, to leave them on their own even for the school-year, but he couldn't keep them from their own people. He spared no expense of his meager income just trying to give them their best start at the school, chewing through his own personal savings, and every two weeks sending off a small care package for the two.

RP Hooks

  • Accounting expertise: Do you need your finances checked? Want your books reballanced? Declan is the best man for the job.
  • Family in the IRA
  • Magical twins: Have Kari, and Quin been any trouble? Feel free to let their old man know
  • Kindhearted to a fault: Are you in trouble, or in need? Declan's sure to help, even if it means putting himself in a bad place to make someone elses life better


  • Overprotective
  • Soft-hearted
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Vetted Muggle


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Kari Sars Pearce
My loving daughter, I know I shouldn't coddle her as much as I do, but she really is the spitting image of her mother. Every time I look at her I can't help but see Rikst's smile. I suppose I've spoiled her a bit more then her brother but I just can't help it, it's so hard to say no.


Quinlan Odhran Pearce
Try as I might I've never seen eye to eye with Quinlan, he always seems to think I'm trying to smother him, but I just don't want to lose anyone else. If I didn't know any better I'd almost say he blames me for his mother's death. I've done my best to raise him to take care of a family but I'm not sure if he's turning out right, he's so violent.


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