Jonothan Greengrass
Portrayed by Tom Hiddleston
Name: Jonothan Brynach Emrys Greengrass
Aliases: Jono
Birthday: Jun 08, 1907
Position: Trauma/Spelldamage
Lineage: Half-Blood


Dark black hair sweeps back from a prominent forehead, the dark locks tucked behind his ears although occasionally some of it gets loose and falls towards his face. The edges of his hair fall to just a bit below his jaw-line, curling upwards just slightly. Dark brows, carefully maintained, rest above his vivid blue green eyes. Slightly pale skin stretches over his high cheekbones, giving his face a slightly angular appearance. Standing around 6'1, the young man possesses a slim lean frame.

Bright aquamarine silk wizarding robes drape themselves about Jonothan's body. Golden thread trims the edges forming intricate knotwork patterns that go from along the edges in a seemingly unbroken line. The sleeves flow down his arms ending pretty much deadeven with his wrists, the golden bands glinting against the darker fabric there. A golden belt with an eternity knot as the main link, but long the outer are smaller icons such as the tree of life, and various knots done in relief on the golden disks, cinches the aquamarine robes closer at his waist showing off his tapered torso nicely. The hem line stop just at his ankles. Dark black dress shoes adorn his feet.


Edryd Cadfael Greengrass came from wealth and prosperity, the eldest son in a Pureblood lineage, sorted into Gryffindor House after he turned eleven years old. A fairly talented Wizard, he acquitted himself well while he was there. He began courting Regina Stuart when they were sixteen years of age. Regina was from a Muggle family, born in London, and raised there by a pair of parents that were quite shocked their daughter turned out to be a Witch.

Edryd and Regina did not marry immediately upon exiting Hogwarts but rather the pair took their time and entered into a prolonged engagement with each other that lasted several years. They grew to love each other greatly and Edryd became devoted to her and their wedding was quite something. Edryd's father was not entirely thrilled his son was marrying a Muggleborn but he made a concession due to his wife's "urgings".

Edryd and Regina settled into a house in London shortly after the turn of the century. Edryd took a job working for the Ministry of Magic working as an Obliviator, while Regina took to the role of a House Witch. That is not to say that Regina didn't study magic still, instead focusing on house charms rather than other sorts of charms.

It was seven years later that Regina gave birth to the first of her three children. This was Jonothan Brynach Emrys Greengrass. He was named Jonothan after his mother's uncle, Brynach after his great uncle, and Emrys just because Regina liked the name. It would be four years before Jonothan's younger sister Bronywn Agatha Greengrass was born and another four years later his brother Hayden Gerwyn Gwynn Greengrass.

As a child Jonothan showed his magical aptitude at a very early age. He was adventuresome in that he was always getting into a bit of trouble exploring and learning about the natural world when his mother would take him to the countryside on day trips or to see his Muggle grandparents, who liked in the countryside.

When the letter came from Hogwarts on his eleventh birthday it came as no shock to either of his parent, and the news thrilled his father's side of the family. He was given an Owl so that he could write to parents often. Of course he was corresponding with his sister and brother often, especially during his first year. It gave him some degree of comfort to hear from all of his family.

It became clear that he was quite talented at Charms and no slouch when it came to Potions either. Magical History and Astronomy were his weakest subjects. He did fair on Herbology as well. He was good in Defense against the Dark Arts as well. When he entered his third year he began taking Muggle Studies and Study of Ancient Runes.

During his second year, Jonothan became part of the Dueling Club, and would remain a part of it for the rest of his time at Hogwarts. He was not much for offensive spell casting, preferring to focus on defensive magic, something that came much easier to him.

It was also during his third year that he began spending time with Klio Kreirwy. He also found he had a remarkable penchant for Healing Arts; something that due to his Quidditch playing, and Klio's proclivity towards handling dangerous books that would often cause her injury, he had much time to learn and practice.

During his fifth year he and Klio began to become an official item. The pair of them spent a lot of time together but also both studying for their upcoming OWLs. When it came time for OWLs, Jonothan managed to pass his all of his subjects with at least an A, with Os in Charms and Potions and an E in Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

During his Seventh year, Klio and Jonothan became more distant as he became growingly unhappy about his girlfriend wanting to spend more time cuddling some weird magical book than him. He didn't let it spoil his relationship with her too much. They agreed to break it off shortly before their NEWT level classes. Jonothan studied Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, Ancient Runes, and Herbology.

After his graduation from Hogwarts, Jonothan began his apprenticeship at St Mungo's. He completed his apprenticeship and became a member of the Trauma department. He continued studying and after he was granted the rank of a Master healer, took on a subsequent specialty of Spell Damage. He was twenty when he met Ceridwyn Lowe and the took fell quite thoroughly in love with each other.

Ceridwyn was also a Trauma Healer, although a year younger than Jonothan. Their courtship lasted until their marriage in January of 1929. He made sure his friend Klio, whom he had remained friends with even after they stopped dating. Ceridwyn gave birth in November of 1929 to Gareth Edryd Greengrass. He named Klio as the boy's godmother.

RP Hooks

  • Pure blood
  • Father of the best kid in the world(In Jonothan's opinion)
  • Master Healer at St Mungo's, spelldamage and trauma.


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  • Old Fashioned
  • Compassionate
  • Adventurous
  • Wealth: Rich



Ex-Girlfriend, best friend, and godmother to my son.


Gareth Edryd Greengrass




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