Character Information
Portrayed by Ivan V.
Name: Ralphael Lovegood
Aliases: Ralph
Birthday: October 22nd, 1925
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Pure-blood


Ralphael stands about 5'11" and is of lean build. He has wavy blond hair and blue eyes. His skin seems fairer than most, just slighter darker than a shade of ivory. He always seems to have a bag slung over one shoulder and a book clutched in hand when not open and being read. He has a birthmark that when squinted at looks like a bat on his left calf.


13 3/4 inches, vine, suprisingly swishy, with a unicorn hair core.


Raphael Alexander Lovegood was born October 22nd, 1925 at St. Mungos Hospital to his father Theodore Lovegood & his mother Anne Bletchley. He's the only child of the union and as such was spoiled dearly. Being born from members of the Bletchley and Lovegood family, his blood is Pure but he never payed much mind to the Pure-blood VS Mudblood thing other than to keep magic secret from Muggles and by extension Muggle family of Half-bloods and Muggle-born. He grew up in the forests just outside of Nottingham in what appeared to be a small cottage back in the woods on the outside, but inside was a cozy 4 bedroom home. One room for his parents, one room for him, one room for his mothers book collection, and one room for his fathers projects & experiments. Outside the cottage was a large garden filled with all manner of plants and herbs. He grew up a fairly sheltered upbringing with the company of his family, his reading, and the garden.

His father taught him the basics of Magical Theory, as he was an inventor of sorts, and wanted to make sure Ralph understood what he did for a living. His mother was formerly a Librarian until Ralph was born, then retired to help raise him afterward. His mother was a kind and caring woman if a bit overprotective. She instilled a love for gardening, being self-sufficient, helping others and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in him. What couldn't be found in the garden, she taught him to identify in the nearby forests. Some of his fondest memories are his hands covered in dirt helping her in the garden. His father was always busy with work in his room and was to never be disturbed while working. They did take trips into town now and again for whatever supplies they couldn't grow, and was taught to always be a polite young man. "Politeness and manners are the key that can open many doors" his mother said many times growing up. He was slow to anger, but when he did when his powers began to manifest, it was a maelstrom. Accidentally catching his mothers hair on fire, dishes flying off the cupboard, and books flying off the shelves (he was SEVERELY scolded for the last one).

He's took Care of Magical Creatures as an elective in order to better understand how to deal with the creatures in his parents garden as well as for knowledge of their poisons & toxins. He's also took Ancient Runes in hopes of being able to learn how to apply permanent and semi-permanent spells. He'd done extremely well in Herbology, as well as most of his classes thanks to his parents having instilled the importance of education. That and to him, the more he learned the more he could do, the more he could do the more fun life would be! Because of this he's always been the type to read spellbooks for fun, making his own notes along the way. The only class he's ever done poorly in was when he took Divination his third year. To him it offered very little in the way of practical application, plus he had trouble keeping his mind from wandering and going 1000 kilometers a minute. He also decided to apply to become a Student Aide for Madam Spleen. With his natural knack for Herbology and his independent studies, he felt it was a natural fit.


RP Hooks

  • Avid Herbologist: Do you have a brown thumb when it comes to plants? Need some extra tutoring when it comes to Herbology? Have a green thumb and want to discuss plant breeding and favorite kinds of plants? Ralphael would love to talk to you!
  • Healer-in-training: Not feeling too well? A sprained bone or a burn? He's no Madam Spleen but he is one of her Student Aides! Let him help you and learn more in the process.
  • Reading is fun!: He can be found researching and practicing his magic all the time. Maybe he's even trying to learn some new spells not taught in class. Maybe you could help his research or compare notes? Perhaps bond over what we've taken away from our favorite works of literature.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Soft-Hearted
  • Green Thumb
  • Healing Hands
  • Absentminded


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Theodore Lovegood
Father: (b. 1885) Pure-blood. Theodore is an inventor and theorist. He spends most of his time experimenting with spells in order to create his own. He hopes to one day write his own spell book and have it published into standard curriculum at Hogwarts.


Anne Lovegood nee Bletchley
Mother: (b. 1888) Pure-blood. Anne was a Librarian for years until Ralphael was born. Upon his birth she retired in order to pursue a more domestic career by raising Ralphael, tending to the needs of a family home, and ensuring that their needs where met.She's instilled her love of books and plants in her son and still has a wide collection of books in her home.


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