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Character Information
Portrayed by Jason Momoa
Name: Demetrius Orpington
Aliases: Dem
Birthday: Mar 13, 1915
Position: Farm Hand
Lineage: Pure-blood


This young man stands at a decently generous height; somewhat above average, but not overly so. He has an average build and bearing, with strong features. His facial structure is rounded, but with a well-defined jawline. Thin lips rest beneath a prominent — without being overly so — nose. There is a nearly constant furrow to his brow, sometimes casting ice-blue eyes into shadow. His hair is a dark blonde that edges near brown in places. Over all, Thomas has a serious countenance that does not detract from a general attractiveness.

Currently he is wearing a pinstriped vest: grey with very fine grey pin striping. The five button vest sports two front pockets. Under the vest he is wearing a simple white dress shirt, the top two buttons have been left undone and no tie is worn, while the shirt itself has been tucked into his slacks. His simple black slacks, are straight cut, with a little extra cloth hanging around his ankles. A black leather belt, with a silver square buckle runs the length of his waist, while on his feet he wears a pair of well loved black boots, that look like they haven't seen polish in quiet sometime. Around his left wrist, is a rather plain looking round silver wristwatch, with a black leather band.


New Moon

Demetrius was born to Alexander Orpington and Claire Orpington nee Deloria in London, England on March 13th, 1915. While his father Alexander worked in London as a barrister for the Ministry of Magic, his mother Claire stayed at home to keep an eye on their child. From an early age, Demetrius was a very active and very adventurous child. From trying to climb trees to balancing on the edge of the roof of his home, Demetrius was generally into some sort of physical activity. Fearing for his safety and the collateral damage he created in the city, his parents sent him to stay with his paternal grandparents, Josiah and Audrina Orptington nee Cornfoot, who had a farm out in Little Hangleton. However, this just gave Demetrius more open space in which to practice tree climbing and walking on the clothesline his grandmother had out to dry clothes on. While on the farm, he did have to help with chores though and the youth took a liking to helping with the care and feeding of the animals on the farm, going so far as to adopt a baby sheep at the age of 5 named "Sheepy".


Thirteen and a half inches, ivy, solid, with a dragon heartstring core.


Waning Crescent

Demetrius was crushed when he learned that he could not take the sheep back home with him to London. Every summer however he would go on vacation with his family. Most often to the States where his mother's side of the family lived. His parents had met when Alexander visited a witness for a case that taught at the Winchester Academy, where Claire was a senior year student. Demetrius enjoyed the vacations but he always was lonesome for the farm and the friends he made there. Some of the younger Little Hangleton locals even put together a very rag-tag Youth Quidditch team. Demetrius joined in and found he loved the beater's position. Demetrius took to it quite quickly and was soon playing with boys sometimes double his age and winning. The young man would be disappointed again though when he found he could not practice while in London. All in all, Demetrius had a very happy and adventure filled childhood and was never wanting for physical activity. Demetrius was invited to attend Hogwarts, an honor Demetrius mostly looked forward to for the chance to play for the Quidditch team for whichever house he was put into.

Waxing Crescent

He would get sorted for House Gryffindor and was 2 hours early for the tryouts for the Quidditch team. While his housemates tried to remind him that he was there far much more than playing Quidditch, it would be his main "class" during his entire stay there. Oftentimes Dem would have to stay up late into the night with helpful classmates to catch up on his lessons and make sure that he did not fail out of the prestigious wizarding school. Demetrius was an intelligent youth but was just easily distracted by any chance to get outside and play Quidditch or any other physical activities. The few classes that Dem would really enjoy were Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures as it reminded him of his days on his grandparents farm. His favorite class was Flying as he got to spend time on a broom but sadly that was a class only offered to first year students. In ensuing years, he would sometimes buzz by and scare the Firsties if they were out and he had nothing else to do.

First Quarter

After graduating from Hogwarts, it did not take long for Demetrius to get a try out with the Appleby Arrows and he was quickly one of their top beaters. The team became very successful with the addition of young Mr. Orpington and would go on to represent Britain during the World Cup of 1934 which was held in the Black Forest of Germany. During the final against Germany, Demetrius was accidentally hit by one of the opposing players and lost control of his broom, landing in a very secluded spot of the forest. Unfortunately, Dem was not used to being out in the woods and got more and more lost in the dense wooded area. He had to learn to survive in the wild very quickly as he spent over 30 days in the Black Forest, trying to find food & water as well as a safe place to sleep at night. A search party eventually located him during the next full moon and took him back to a holding facility run by the German Ministry. When it was safe they then transported him to the Facility in Hogsmeade where he was assisted by Agent Ranger Camilla in getting used to life as a werewolf as well as registering himself on the Werewolf Register.

Full Moon

In 1938 he retired before the start of the Quidditch Season. For years he was fighting against the prejudice of being such a public figure and a Werewolf. Finally when management of the team changed hands he was quietly let go and given the grace of retiring on his own terms. Since retiring from Quidditch, Demetrius has taken up a job as a hand on Camilla's Farm. It's not Quidditch, but he's doing the second thing he loves the most and it's peaceful and quiet on the farm and he is treated like one of the family.


  • Famous: Former Quidditch Star: He use to be a famous beater, maybe you know of him? Maybe you want an Autograph!
  • Makes Animals Jumpy : Animals don't seem to do too well around Dem…
  • Acute Smell: He can smell a steak a mile away!
  • Wealth: Comfortable: When he was famous he blew most of his money on parties and living the high life. Now he lives off his reasonable wage as a farmer.

RP Hooks

  • Former Star: Demetrius a few years ago was a Professional Quidditch Star. He was a beater for the Appleby Arrows. He's still very willing to give an autograph to anyone brave enough to ask.
  • Werewolf: Demetrius just might be the most well known werewolf in the UK, and even internationally to Quidditch fans. It was during the World Cup when they were up against Germany in Germany and he was knocked off his broom and sent tumbling into the Black Forest. They had played well into the night and it was on the full moon. He was attacked by werewolves before he was rescued. He was rich enough at the time to afford the lawyers that kept him on the team after it was discovered that he indeed contracted Lycanthropy. This character is designed to experience the grit and hurt and social pariah-ism that the werewolves face. Please RP accordingly with him, even very nice people keep their distance from werewolves. Please click on the title of this Hook to read more about werewolves as they are in this theme.
  • Hogsmeade Resident - Demetrius lives in Hogsmeade as he works at the Fawley Farm.
  • Class of 1931 - Did you graduate in 1931 or close enough to it that you'd know Dem while you were both there? Were you a Gryffindor in his time at Hogwarts? That much betters the chances of knowing each other.


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Boss and Friend - Camilla has become Dem's constant companion on nights of the full moon, keeping an eye on him as he spends time locked up in a cage to prevent any chances of him going out and causing trouble. The two have built up a friendship in their time together and will often spend time together when the full moon is not about. Demetrius will from time to time swear that he used to see Camilla in the stands during Quidditch games at Hogwarts but she will only reply with a blush. I love her and can't see her marry another man… why did life turn out this way?


Broom Buddy - Josie is Camilla's ward so when she is home from Hogwarts they do all sorts of broom games and fun.


Goose Man - This man reminds Dem of a Goose and very happy goose with lots of stories.


Nice Chap… - Though he wishes he would go away. He wishes he wouldn't have asked Cami to marry him… he simply brings pain to Dem's life… he won't tell him and this man doesn't know… but deep down inside, he hates him for having what he can't.


Try Hard - Crazy women… getting stabbed like that then trying to tell me it is all going to be okay… that she understands my pain… no one understands my pain…


Hide The Body - Wait did you really tell me to let a man die and hide the body?! And you are a Hit Wizard?


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