This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Character Details
Portrayed by Stephen Graham
Name: Denny Albert Orwell
Aliases: Al, Boxer
Birthday: Jan 12, 1903
Position: Bartender/Bouncer at the Hoard
Lineage: Muggle-born


Denny Orwell is a stout man a little under six feet, dark haired and fair skinned. His face is oval in shape, his thin beige hair neatly cut and combed back. A pair of big, busy eyebrows rest above comparatively small eyes of a dark olive color, He's got a thick nose and a strong jaw, a sharp pair of lips and cleft chin making up the rest of his clean-shaven face. He's usually wearing a hat of some sort.

He's got some meat on his bones, and a good deal of muscle to go with it. On the average day he's got a jacket slung over broad shoulders, a dull brown affair that's buttoned up his chest with a shirt and tie underneath. Simply pants round out the affair, as well as a pair of unpolished shoes. He prefers plain and practical in general, no fuss and some muss.


Denny Orwell is a Muggle-born, and it shows. He came from a fairly large family in London, not well off, and not with a lot of opportunity. His father was a boxer, his mother a maid, his older brother a factory worker, his younger not much use at all. Denny, though, he got magic. He didn't fit in too well during his early years at Hogwarts, but he got better at it. He was sorted into Gryffindor, did fairly well at spellcasting, Quidditch, and not too much else. When he graduated he joined the MLE branch of the Ministry, becoming Denny Orwell, Hit Wizard.

Hit Wizarding doesn't pay too bad, and he gives about half of what he earns to his family, but it could be better. When he realized that, he took steps to make it so. It started with he busted a wizard that'd been robbing Muggle banks, causing mass confusion in the area. What Denny realized, though, is that he didn't have to give it all back. Surely some of it got lost, or was spent, or something happened. So he took some. Who would miss it?

It was supposed to be just once, but it didn't turn out quite that way. To say that he's rotten to the core isn't accurate, but he's nowhere near innocent. Mr. Orwell plays rough and he skims off the top, but he does his job. In some cases he even does it excellently. He's good enough that he's not in danger of getting caught, but bad enough to make something on the side.


  • Corrupt
  • Vicious
  • Sympathy for the Downtrodden
  • Wealth: Poor

RP Hooks

  • Former Hit-Wizard - Denny's reputation as being particularly brutal caught up with him. A stack of complaints and incident reports finally resulted in Denny's badge being taken away.
  • Muggle-born - Denny is a Muggle-born, and it shows. He owns and does a lot of Muggle things. Do you want to learn about them?
  • Hoard Employee - These days Denny works at the Hoard Pub, tending bar and dealing roughly with those that need to be ejected.


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Agrius Malfoy's Widow. She plays close to the vest, exactly what I would expect.


A good man, and my partner for fifteen years. We even went to school together, and now he's just gone.


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