Summerbee Family Patriarch
Portrayed by Jim Henson
Name: Dermot Summerbee
Aliases: Derry
Birthday: September 24th, 1873
Position: Department Head of Magical Education
Lineage: Pure-Blood


His deeply set eyes of pale green are often alight with the draw of his lips upward. Crow's feet pull at the corner of his eyes and the long slightly hooked nose accentuates the length of face. What was likely once pale blonde hair has receded to show off the widows peek near the top of his head and white has begun to dominate the fore of it. A full beard and mustache hides his upper lips and chin. He is a rather tall and lanky man.

A man of simple taste, he manages to keep himself in a comfortable tailored suit of grey blue, a bowtie to match and a starched clean white shirt beneath. A set of simple black shoes are kept with a low lustre.



  • Plans Upon Plans: Dermot makes no sudden moves of consequence unless his hand's been forced. It's not that he fancies himself a chessmaster so much as that he believes society works best with an open mind and gradual motion, and tries to avoid revolutions.
  • Starstruck: Dermot's greatest loves are his wife, education, and the cosmos. He frequently uses astronomical analogies and metaphors for anything he finds enchanting.
  • Wealth: Well-to-Do: Dermot's salary pays well and he made good investments early on that have continued to pay dividends.

RP Hooks

  • Patriarch - Dermot is the head of the Summerbee Family. He is very beloved and respected.
  • Ministry - Dermot is the Chief of the Department Magical Education. He is a more recent promotion after there was a switch during the aftermath of the Headmaster Flint investigation in 1939.


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