{$name} is a {$gender}, roughly {$age} years old, of {$heritage} heritage with {$complexion} skin tone, who stands at {$height} and is around {$weight} pounds in an overall {$bodytype} body type. {$hairlength} {$haircolor} hair is done in {$hairstyle} framing {$faceshape} shaped face. With {$eyeshape} {$eyecolor} eyes that are set to either side of {$pronoun2} {$nose} nose. Below that nose is {$lips} set of lips. The rest of {$pronoun2} {$faceshape} shaped face is accented in {$cheeks} cheeks, a {$jawline} jaw and comes to a {$chin} chin. {$name} smells of {$scent}. When they speak the tones and accent of {$accent} can be detected.



To accent these features {$pronoun} is {$make-up}.


Inked into {$pronoun2} {$complexion} skin over {$pronoun} {$bodypart} is {$tattoo}.

Scars and Blemishes

{$name} bears {$scars}.

Clothing (Second Paragraph)

Two Piece Outfit

At the moment {$name} is going for {$style} style. {$Pronoun} is wearing {$top} {$topcolor} {$topfabric} above a {$bottomcolor} {$bottomfabric} {$bottom} with {$shoecolor} {$shoefabric} {$shoes} completing the look.


At the moment {$name} is going for {$style} style. {$Pronoun} is wearing a {$styletype} {$onepiece} of {$dresscolor} {$dressfabric} with {$shoecolor} {$shoefabric} {$shoes} completing the look.

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