Character Information
Portrayed by Ben Miles
Name: Desmond Rashley
Aliases: Des
Birthday: 1860
Position: Patriarch of the Rashley Family
Lineage: Pure-Blood


This dapper, stately gent is still handsome, despite his advancing years, thanks to a carefully groomed appearance and largely unweathered features. Rakishly long silvered hair is slightly side-parted and reaches to his collar, though not in an untidy manner. Far from it. Likewise, his beard and mustache are well-tended, adorning his sharp jaw and full lips rather than detracting from them. High cheekbones and a thin, slightly upturned nose also lend themselves to his pleasant facade, though there are telling frown lines between his charcoal brows.

Tall and lean in frame, Desmond bears himself with a humble, quiet grace, as if not actively seeking attention but finding it regardless, by nature of his stature. A suit of navy blue is emphasized by the patterned silk waistcoat and crisp, high-collared white shirt beneath, a natty cravat of sombre, muted burgundy topping off his attire with effortless style.


A retired Obliviator at the Ministry of Magic, Desmond spent his adult life wiping unwanted memories from Muggles who saw more than they should. Being the eldest of the Rashley children, he was understood that he would become head of the family once his father Quentin passed on. The wealth and power that came with their family home Shadow Briar was something to be desired. So when he had his own children, he was not sure which of his sons would get the honor of becoming the heir.

It all came to a head when his eldest son Christopher was betrothed to Glynis Rosier. It was arranged as a way to merge the two families, and both Christopher and Glynis seemed to understand this. However while Christopher was traveling for his job in the IMC, Seth was left to entertain Glynis and the two of them formed a connection. Christopher took it as a slight and he dueled with his brother over the girl. Seth won, and agreed to marry Glynis but agreed to remove himself from the family home and reside in their summer cottage on the Isle of Wight.

Thus a split in the family formed. While Desmond has not disowned Seth's branch of the family, the fact that his Granddaughter Alexandra seemed more interested in fooling around and wasting her has not endeared him. Furthermore the only heirs Seth has currently are a bastard and an Italian has discouraged him further. It is more likely that Christopher's son Eric and his daughter Lea will gain Shadow Briar once the time comes.


  • Stern
  • Studious
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Rashley Family Patriarch Desmond is considered the head of the Rashley Family.
  • He was once a Obliviator for the Ministry and is still held in high regards for his work in the department.


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Quentin Rashley
Father: Desmond was the eldest of three children and Quentin doted upon his heir.


Celeste Rashley (nee Greengrass)
Mother: Celeste instilled decorum in her children, assuring that they would have a place among polite society.


Seth Rashley
Son: Desmond did not approve Seth's choices in life, while he hasn't disowned his son has made it known that he is displeased with him.


Great-Granddaughter: While Desmond does not have a relationship Morgana, he hears that she has done well for herself and impressed that she could accomplish so much when her mother Alexandra accomplished so little.


Great-Granddaughter: The Heir apparent. While he would like to marry her off to someone in the right position, so far Lea seems keen to be a shop girl. It hasn't made Desmond too proud, but he hopes that this is just a stepping stone to something greater.


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