Dippet Family

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The Dippet Family
Family Head: Armando Dippet I
Home: Belgravia, London, England, UK
Wealth: Comfortable
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
This represents what is typical for the Dippet family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

The interesting and tragic story of the Dippet family does not start with the oldest wizard alive, Armando Dippet I, it starts with his mother, an Italian sorceress by the name of Armida Yakavetta. It is not conclusive or proven that she did what they say she did, but the lives of her descendants have more people than not assuming it's true. The legend goes that she was married at 18 and did not have a living child to show for it by the age of 40. So the witch turned to a secret potion recipe that contained unicorn blood. This unicorn blood is what kept Armando alive in the womb and when he was born in 1637, even though all of his siblings had suffered miscarriage or stillbirth. He was a strong and healthy boy and was born black hair, but with a white star at his widow's peak. To some this was another sign that the powerful magic of the unicorn blood was at work.

Like most rumours and vines of gossip, the legend is pretty much lost to time, and only Armando himself remembers it was a concern. It also shrank and grew and branched off into rumours of vampirism, or that in his more youthful 100s he discovered the fountain of youth or created a Philosopher's Stone. The rest of his hair whitened rather early so the star wasn't so noticeable any more. The only thing that continues into the modern day and age is the strange fact that the Dippets have produced a long line of sole male heirs ever since Armando. As well, it has been a common fate of heirs' mothers to die during or shortly after giving birth. It doesn't happen every time, but often enough to have a special room in St. Mungo's Midwife and Infant Care ward dedicated to the Dippet mothers and other extremely high risk births. Of course, it could just be that magical healing has developed better methods and spells over the years, because the further away from Armida Yakavetta the generations get, the greater the survival rate of Dippet mothers becomes.

The Dippet history is also filled with rumours that because of the alleged curse on the mothers, women were forced into marriages and even had their memories tampered with so that they wouldn't be aware that they were marrying into the Dippet family. After all, who would want to marry into that family to die giving birth to the next heir? There has been plenty of muttering about Dark magic surrounding the family. Of course if you ask Armando, he'll tut-tut about all of it and declare that love is a splendid blind thing and instead of Dark Arts, it was pure fearless love that kept his line alive.

Armando the First once said "I've always wanted a grand-daughter, when she is born I hope that everyone will please be quiet about such nonsense surrounding my family and worry about their own families instead." In 1878 Armando got his wish and great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter Adelaide Dippet was born. Soon after, Adelaide was blessed with a sister, Rachel. There seemed a chance that in that generation the Dippet line would go from all male births to all females and no male heir at all! But then in 1885 the sisters were joined by Armand Dippet the Ninth. Since Armand and his sister's births the Dippet Family Tree has finally branched out. Could it be at long last that the curse that's haunted the family is finally gone?

Family Identity

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For over eight generations the fact that there's only been one Dippet child in the family who through the years tended to keep to the more working man jobs has not left the family in high status and or standing.

Family Members

Family members bearing the Dippet name:

Augustina Dippet

Blood relatives without the Dippet name:

Antonin Dominic Marcus_Goyle Peyton

Family Tree

        Hubert Dippet + Armida Yakavetta
         (1589-1654)  |  (1592-1718)
               Armando Dippet + Hellen Ollivander
                  (1637 - )   |   (1637 - 1671)
   Gwen Weasley + Armando "Secundo" Dippet II
   (1671-1706)  |        (1671-1791)
    Armando "Tertius" Dippet III + -?- Cornfoot
           (1708-1822)           |  (1708-1739)
          -?- Crouch + Armando "I.V." Dippet IV 
         (1740-1768) |      (1739-1849)
         Armando "Quintus" Dippet V + -?- Orpington
               (1768-1869)          |  (1770-1799)
              -?- Lowe + Armando "Sextus" Dippet VI
           (1798-1856) |        (1798-1892)
          Armando "Septimus" Dippet VII + -?- Tripe
                 (1824-1910)            | (1825-1920)
              Nesta Prewett + Armando "Eigh" Dippet VIII
                (1853- )    |       (1853-1937)
         |                            |           |
 Adelaide Dippet + Menelaus Proudmore |           |
   (1878- )      |     (1878- )       |           |
       >Proudmore Family Tree<        |           |
                                      |           |
              Richard Wilkins + Rachel Dippet     |
                (1880-1938)   |   (1881- )        |
                   >Wilkins Family Tree<          |
                          Danita Gamp + Armando "Nov" Dippet IX
                            (1881- )  |        (1882- )
    |                         |        |          |
    |  Daveth Crabbe + Miranda Dippet  |  Arduinna Dippet + Constantin Dolohov
    |     (1896- )   |    (1903- )     |     (1900- )     |     (1906- )
    |      >Crabbe Family Tree<        |       >Dolohov Family Tree<
    |                                  |
    |        Artimius Goyle III + Laila Dippet
    |             (1900- )      |   (1903- )
    |                  >Goyle Family Tree<
 Armando "Decker" Dippet X + Nyreen Lowe 
        (1902- )           |  (1902- )
               |                        |                  |
   Armando "Leven" Dippet XI            |           Amadeus Dippet
         (1922- )              Augustina Dippet        (1928- )
                                   (1925- )

Connections and Relationships

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Family Statistics

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Founding: ####
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