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Character Information
Portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch
Name: Dominic Wilkins
Aliases: Dom
Birthday: Aug 10
Position: Spell Damage Specialty
Lineage: Pure-blood


Dominic is a tall wizard, standing at six feet three inches tall. His build is on the lean side, with long, sculpted limbs. Though at a glance this is not due to muscle mass, but rather his slimness. He has the look of someone always lost in thought. His dark, wavy brown hair could be considered medium length, which is often seen pulled back to free up his view. His eyes are a sharp, piercing blue. His face is kept quite smooth, showing his true dedication to perfect hygiene and appearance.

Currently Dominic is dressed in his daily wear. He wears jet black robes of fine silk, which drop loosely about his lean form, ending at his ankle. When open, his crisp white shirt could be seen with a matching slim, black tie done in a nice knot at his neck. His shirt was tucked neatly into pair of black dress slacks, a nice crease lining each leg. A pair of polished black boots covered his feet, helping to finish off his clean, elegant appearance.


Dominic Wilkins was welcomed into the world on August 10th, 1916. He was welcomed by his father, Richard, and mother, Rachel. Being part of the Wilkins family, it was no surprise that Richard worked at St. Mungo's, holding a position as a healer who specialized in Spell Damage and Potions and Plant Poising. Holding this position allowed Rachel to stay at home to raise Dominic, and eventually Elizabeth. With a comfortable income, Richard was able to provide both of the children with all of their needs, as well as to provide a few wants. As he grew Dominic continued to watch his father provide healing to the may witches and wizards that found their way to the rooms at St. Mungo's growing to admire his skill and dedication. Seeing Dominic's excitement and desire, Rachel tried to inspire his learning through displays of complex magic, being quite skilled in Charms and Transfigurations. These displays stuck with him, driving him to imitate both their actions. Along with trying to inspire the flame of learning, his parents also tried to provide both Dominic and Elizabeth with a warm and loving home. This helped Dominic to grow into a kind hearted young man.

When he turned eleven, Dominic received his invitation to Hogwarts. His mother and father could not happier, immediately taking a trip to Diagon Alley to purchase his goods. This was a benefit for Dominic, as from that moment on he was often found nose deep in his books. He believes this thirst of knowledge led the sorting hat to place him in Ravenclaw, though the family thinks it comes with the blood. While at Hogwarts, Dominic delved deeply into his studies. He focused on the key courses to follow his fathers footsteps; Charms, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration. But, with the whispers of Dark Magic on the rise he could not resist the draw of Dark Defense. Throughout his seven years, Dominic focused on these core classes and gained an excellent control of them. This allowed him to easily pass his NEWTs. He received E's in Dark Defense, Herbology and Potions, as well as O's in Charms and Transfiguration.

Upon leaving Hogwarts, Dominic was quick to follow his dream and immediately applied to St. Mungo's as a Junior Apprentice. He was taken on and began to learn the skills required to heal those hurt in all different manners. As he learned, he found his skills growing as well. Soon he found that he had quite the control over his Charms and Transfigurations. This helped him in his career, as when he entered his fifth year with St. Mungos he was promoted to Journeyman Healer. It was then that Dominic decided that he would specialize in Spell Damage healing. But, this rank does not satisfy Dominic, who now strives for the rank of Master Healer.

RP Hooks

  • Healer - Working as a journeyman healer, Dominic has meet many people. both those in need of care, and those who strive to care for others.
  • Pure-Blood - Coming from a long line of magical blood, Dominic has interacted with most of the other pure-blood families.
  • Drinker - An ale or a glass of whiskey, either is often seen in Dominic's hand after a long day at St.Mungo's.
  • Ravenclaw Graduate - Once a Ravenclaw, always a Ravenclaw! Maybe you were housemates? Or did you just notice him during lessons?


  • Ambidextrous
  • Habit - Smoke
  • Habit - Drink
  • Focused
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Richard Wilkins
Father - (1880 - 1938) Dominic grew up in awe of his Father's skill and dedication to the Healer profession, leading Dominic to follow his footsteps.


Rachel Wilkins nee Dippet
Mother - (1881 - ) Dominic's mother raised and cared for him and his sister, Elizabeth. Having great Charms skill, she often kept the kids intriguiged, helping to inspire their desire to learn.


Elizabeth Wilkins
Little Sister - (1920 - ) Elizabeth is Dominic's little sister. she also was sorted into the Ravenclaw.


Maternal Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-Grandfather - (1637 - ) One of the great Hogwarts Headmasters, Armando Dippet is an idol for Dominic. he strives to learn all he can, as to live up to his families standards.


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